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Jan 25 2019

Soothing Gemstones for Stress Relief

By: Isabelle Morton

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Healing gemstones can be used to serve many different purposes, as every gem offers its own unique benefits. There are energizing, uplifting, and vitalizing gemstones; calming, comforting, and soothing gemstones; gemstones for stress relief, emotional healing, and positive change; gems to support physical health; and even gemstones to help support a healthy relationship. When it comes to healing gemstones, the possibilities seem endless.

At GEMFormulas, we combine specific gemstones to create formulas that optimize each gem’s energies, qualities, and effects. Our collection of Gemstones for Calmness and Relaxation includes eleven gemstone formulas with soothing energies to help you unwind. Among those are three formulas that provide ideal support for stress relief: Moon Quartz & Purple Tourmaline, Mother of Pearl & Blue Chalcedony, and Tranquility. Together, these make up our special collection of Gemstones to Help You De-Stress.

Moon Quartz & Purple Tourmaline offers a comforting energy that is ideal for periods of change or transition, times that can often be stressful and daunting. By aligning you more fully with your highest vibrations, this formula can help you feel more optimistic about the possibility of change and confident in your ability to achieve your goals. In addition, these gems work together to help you evaluate your goals and identify which ones will serve you best.

The energetic support of this healing formula can help you grow beyond your limitations and let go of what’s holding you back. This formula also has a transmuting effect, so it can turn energies that stand in your way into more positive, supportive energies. It also can neutralize unwanted energies that might otherwise cause you harm. By clearing the path to the personal transformation that you seek, Moon Quartz & Purple Tourmaline can help ease your way into a new, desired reality.


Next, Mother of Pearl & Blue Chalcedony is another excellent formula for letting go of stress. With the gemstones’ calming and comforting energies, this formula promotes rest and relaxation and can help you unwind after a long day. In the mental body, these gemstones promote the release of accumulated thoughts, so you can more easily quiet your mind in times of stress, when it’s overactive.

Mother of Pearl & Blue Chalcedony also provides soothing support during times of grief or loss, helping to ease your stress and balance your emotions. Mother of Pearl energy helps remind the cells of their divine ocean origin and let go of what separates them from it. This way, they can reconnect with this relaxing ocean so you can feel more in touch with its divine love.

As one of GEMFormulas’ Foundation Five necklaces, Mother of Pearl & Blue Chalcedony helps balance the metal element of Chinese medicine, which supports functions that are in a declining state as well as the processes of separation, elimination, alignment, refining, and letting go.

Last, the Tranquility formula consists of Blue Chalcedony, Blue Sapphire, and Blue Topaz. These gemstones vitalize your mind and allow it to relax, release unwanted energies, and receive the nourishment it needs for optimal function. As a result, you may find that you’re more able to think clearly and focus your attention when it feels scattered.

This is an ideal formula to wear when your mind is tired or overworked. It works to release mental stress and quiet overactive thoughts so you’re more able to relax and find inner peace. This can be especially helpful when you want to calm your mind so you can sleep. By giving your mind a break, Tranquility also enables you to work more from your heart, your inner source of wisdom and guidance.

Tranquility’s gemstone energies help dissolve mental blockages, so wearing this formula not only brings mental stress relief, but it can also enhance creativity and support you in making positive changes in your life. It may also help you overcome resistance to healing and identify limiting thoughts that may be contributing to pain or holding you back.


Whichever formula you choose, these gemstones can help provide stress relief whenever and wherever you need it. Their calming, comforting, and relaxing energies can support you through periods of change or transition, soothe your overactive mind or grieving heart, or simply help you handle the stress you encounter in your everyday life.

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