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Jul 26 2019

Spotlight on Gems: The Beryl Family

By: Isabelle Morton

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Emerald, which is a member of the beryl family, is known for carrying the green color ray. Beryl consists of the same elements as corundum, namely aluminum and oxygen, plus silicon and the mineral’s namesake, the element beryllium.

Beryl is the crystalline basis for five healing gemstones: Emerald, Morganite, Golden Beryl, Aquamarine (blue beryl), and White Beryl. These gemstones have an affinity for the whole-body level of manifestation, which includes the physical body, emotional body, causal or memory body, and mental body.

Beryl becomes Emerald when its crystalline matrix includes chromium—interestingly, the same element that makes corundum red.

Morganite’s pink is the result of the manganese ion. Golden Beryl gets its color from iron ions (Fe3+), and Aquamarine from iron ions (Fe2+).

         Emerald & White Beryl

So why is Emerald the green-ray bearer instead of Green Sapphire? Rarity is one reason. Green Sapphire is produced in relatively very low quantities. Yet the green color ray is particularly healing and nourishing for the physical body, especially the vital organs. So it’s an important part of a gemstone pharmacy. From a higher altitude, it’s a significant remedy that the Earth provides for its human population.

Numerology may also have an influence on why the green ray moves through beryl instead of corundum. Chromium aside, beryl’s chemical composition consists of four elements: beryllium, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen. The number four represents the physical body and may help Emerald’s green ray remain focused on the body. While these four elements also form the basis of the other beryl-based gemstones—Morganite, Golden Beryl, and Aquamarine—these gems are also very nourishing, but not color-ray bearing.

Emerald’s own energies support the green ray’s healing benefits by neutralizing toxins and unwanted energies, which are particularly damaging to physical health. At the same time, the gemstone’s energies vitalize the body by nourishing the core organs such as the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys.

Morganite, or pink beryl, has a similar effect on the emotional body—that aspect of us that produces, expresses, and stores emotions. I like to refer to Morganite as a vitamin for the emotional body because of its nourishing effect. When someone feels exhausted after experiencing deep and painful feelings for a long time, it means their emotional body is depleted and could benefit from Morganite.

We pair Morganite with its symbiotic partner stones, White Beryl and Rhodonite, to help you benefit the most from this gemstone. Pictured above: HeartSong .

Golden Beryl works in a similar way for the causal body, which is where memories are stored and karmic records kept. It’s also the part of you that you rely on to determine time, space, and causation. With this gemstone’s nourishment, your causal body’s functions can be improved.

We pair Golden Beryl with its symbiotic stones, Spessartite and Light Green Aventurine, to help you benefit the most from this gemstone. Pictured above: Golden Eagle .

Aquamarine nourishes the mental body, which is where you manage your thoughts, ideas, communication, sensory perception, and creative flow. The specific kind of nourishment this gem provides has the effect of brightening or opening the mind. This allows you to see your thoughts and ideas more clearly so you can make better decisions about them and discern which ones to express and which to focus on and develop.

We pair Aquamarine with symbiotic Mother of Pearl to help you benefit the most from this gemstone. 

White Beryl is the pure form of beryl. It nourishes universally with the unique frequency of white light that it carries. This light is equally uplifting and detoxifying. We pair White Beryl with its symbiotic gemstone, Turquoise, to maximize its ability to draw out unwanted energies from the body and then dissipate them. By wearing White Beryl & Turquoise, you can feel freer, lighter, and clearer.


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