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Jul 25 2019

Spotlight on Gems: Cryptocrystalline Quartz, Carnelian, and the Orange Ray

By: Isabelle Morton

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I find it unsurprising that Carnelian is the carrier of the orange ray. Carnelian is a form of chalcedony, which is a cryptocrystalline quartz.

When you think of crystals, I’m guessing you probably envision the macrocrystalline variety like Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, and Rose Quartz. Therapeutic varieties of these gemstones radiate their healing energies in large paths of energy that easily fill the body and aura.

Rising Light (Chrysoprase, Pink Sapphire, & Freshwater Pearl)

Cryptocrystalline quartz crystals are so small that they are difficult to distinguish even microscopically. Therapeutic varieties of them, such as Carnelian, radiate their energies equally minutely. This produces a type of vibration that mobilizes energies in the body in a unique way, which is unlike the effects of macrocrystalline quartz.

Other examples of cryptocrystalline quartz include Chrysoprase, Chalcedony, Agate, Jasper, Onyx, and Bloodstone. Each mobilizes the body’s energies in a way that supports its mission.

Chrysoprase reverses energies moving downward (often causing sadness and depression) due to collapse in certain energetic structure in the chakras and helps these energies move upward again.

Blue Chalcedony and Pink Chalcedony cancel frenetic energies to help calm the mind and emotions, respectively.

                                  Tranquility (Blue Chalcedony, Blue Sapphire, & Blue Topaz)

          Ruby & Onyx

Agate call ins nourishing Earth energies and helps the body resonate better with Earth and therefore feel more grounded.

Jasper, such as Poppy Jasper or Leopardskin Jasper, gets energies moving in a desired direction.

Onyx settles the body’s energies, especially those caught in the upper portion of the body, again to help connect them with the Earth.

Bloodstone mobilizes the body’s molecules and microbiome to better unite and defend themselves against foreign energies.

Carnelian mobilizes the body’s own life energy to improve vitality, help the body let go of unwanted energies, and expediate the healing process. The orange ray is best suited to a broadcast of narrow bands rather than large ones, in order to optimize these processes. The orange ray is about improving  vitality and the relationships in our body and life that keep that life-giving energy flowing.

As a member of the quartz family, Carnelian is also essentially silicon and oxygen, as are all quartz crystals, plus iron oxide, which produces the orange color.

                                                                    Carnelian & White Beryl

I expect Carnelian to evolve into a more translucent gemstone, and I have been happy to find faceted Carnelian gemstones on the market. Precious Carnelian rondels are a bright orange and more translucent than most. It will be fun to see just how brightly translucent Carnelian can become, as it means a more efficient carrier for the orange color ray.


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