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Jul 24 2019

Spotlight on Gems: Healing Gemstones Based on Corundum

By: Isabelle Morton

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Corundum is classified as igneous, which means it’s been solidified from molten lava or magma. As magma cools, many types of minerals and crystals can form, including corundum rock and gem-quality corundum crystals. The more slowly the cooling occurs, the larger the crystals can become.

Four important healing gemstones are based on the mineral corundum: Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, and Pink Sapphire. What’s unique about them is that they are all color-ray-bearing gems.

Ruby (Red Sapphire) carries the red color ray. Pink Sapphire carries a variation of the red ray, which some people are more compatible with; after all, pink is a tint of red. Yellow Sapphire and Blue Sapphire carry the yellow and blue rays respectively.

Color rays represent more than a gemstone’s appearance. They are vital energies that feed us at fundamental levels. Therapy Diamonds work with the entire spectrum of the seven color rays. The color-ray gemstones fill deficiencies in individual colors in those spectrums.

I find it curious that, although the mineral corundum also appears in orange, green, dark blue (indigo), and purple, these types of Sapphire do not carry color rays. I’ve tested this multiple times, and indeed, the orange ray is carried by Carnelian, the green ray by Emerald (a form of Beryl), the indigo ray by a translucent form of Sodalite, and the purple ray by Amethyst (a form of Quartz).

                                                                 Ruby & White Beryl

So what makes the red, yellow, and blue color rays unique? What about them requires a mineral of particular hardness? Corundum is rated 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, just below diamond, which is the hardest of materials on Earth.

Could it be the simplicity of corundum’s makeup? It is comprised of only aluminum and oxygen, plus one more element, which governs the coloration. The addition of chromium can produce Sapphires that range from orange to red. Perhaps it’s the high concentration of chromium in corundum that makes Ruby red and therefore strong enough to be a color-ray bearer?

It’s possible the orange ray requires a carrier other than Sapphire because there is simply a lower quantity of chromium in Orange Sapphire than there is in Ruby (or Red Sapphire). The orange-ray carrier needs a unique expression of the mineral kingdom—one in which an increase of the elements that comprise it makes it a stronger version of itself, and not a different gemstone entirely.

Sapphire becomes yellow when a small amount of iron grows within the aluminum and oxygen crystal matrix. When the crystal grows along with iron and titanium, the corundum turns blue. With Blue Sapphire, the more of these elements are present, the deeper the coloration will be, and the more effectively the gemstone can deliver nourishing color rays.

The strength or durability of a gemstone is not the same as its hardness. But I can understand how the well-structured corundum molecules, which reveal hardness, would be an ideal vessel for a color ray that supports one’s strength. The red ray’s mission is to bring forward and maximize a person’s inner and outer strength.

Yellow Sapphire’s mission is primarily to bring forward a sense of ownership of one’s own life, bring new things to manifestation, and support one’s ability to make transitions and leave situations gracefully. To preserve one’s self-identity, self-esteem, and self-worth, it makes sense that a tightly woven corundum matrix would be supportive.

Blue Sapphire’s mission as carrier of the blue color ray is to nourish the mind so a person can think more clearly and in a more organized way, communicate more clearly and creatively, and choose more useful, positive, pure, and complete thoughts. Since the mind and its thoughts are largely responsible for how we’ve manifested ourselves and our world, it stands to reason that the blue ray’s gemstone vessel would be best served by corundum.

                                                              Blue Sapphire & White Beryl

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