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Aura Sprays

GEMFormulas’ sprays are made with water plus organic grape alcohol that has been infused with the healing energies of therapeutic-quality gemstones. The gems are arranged in a mandala as portrayed on the bottle label.

We infuse the gemstone energies using a special device invented by our founder, Isabelle Morton, called a Gemstone Energy Field Imprinting device.  When you apply a spray in the aura, its gemstone energies are absorbed instantly into the body, emotions, memory, and mind, to provide energetic nourishment, clearing, and support.

Our collection of aura sprays work in a variety of ways to promote greater harmony and health throughout one’s body and being. Gemstones energies address needs and depletion that food and herbs cannot provide. They resolve important energetic weaknesses that are revealing themselves in our modern era.

Ways to Apply the Sprays:

Spray In:

This means to hold the bottle at arm’s length directly over or above a target area or chakra to be treated, and spray toward that target area or chakra on your body. Spraying in clears the area’s intelligence center.

Spray Out:

This means to hold the bottle of spray at the target area or chakra, point it directly away from the body, and spray out into your aura. This will clear accumulated energy from the aura itself.

Spray Overhead:

Hold the bottle at the top of your head with the nozzle pointing upward. Spray up. Let the mist rain down around you.

Cleansing Aura Sprays:

Nourishing Aura Sprays:

Color Ray Aura Sprays: