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Jun 07 2019

Springtime Core Organ Rejuvenation Technique

By: Isabelle Morton

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This month, we’ve put together a special collection of 10 gemstone necklaces whose properties support the heart, lungs, liver, stomach, intestines, kidneys, bladder, blood vessels, and visceral organs as a whole.

These formulas work to support these precious organs that keep us alive every moment of every day. They are important gemstones to have in your personal pharmacy so you can work with them when you need extra support for these organs, or when you want to help vitalize them to keep them functioning at their best.

Springtime Core Organ Rejuvenation Technique

For a springtime core health rejuvenation, gather the necklaces in this collection that you want to work with. They’re some of our most popular ones, so many of you may already have at least one. For best results, work with at least three.

1. Wear each one for a day, and then cleanse the necklace and set it aside.

The daily routine wakes up your organs to the presence of the gemstone support.

2. Next, wear each one for three days in a row. After each day, once again cleanse the gemstones and set them aside.

The three-day cycles allow your organs time to receive enough gemstone energies to increase the life-giving energies flowing through them. Since no individual organ is given too much attention, they all are encouraged to stay in harmony with each other.

3. Now that all the organs you’re working with are alert to the support the gems are giving them, the next step is to wear each necklace for one week. During this phase of the program, the organs’ ability to support one another is also enhanced. This is due to the foundation laid in Steps 1 and 2.

Learn more about each gemstone necklace in the June Collection in my new video:

Click here to view all June Collection gemstone necklaces for core health.


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