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Sep 18 2017

How do you become a Gemstone Therapy Practitioner?

By: Jocelyn Schmidt

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Start by taking introductory and level 1 courses, to find out if the modality works for you and that the certification is truly your calling. If so, register with the Gemstone Therapy Institute. You’ll then be assigned a mentor who will support you on your journey and give you all the hand-holding you need. You’ll receive a student packet that contains a checklist of requirements.  Level 1 classes can be taken online, although an in-person workshop is highly recommended. At the conclusion of Level 1 studies you become a Gemstone Therapy Associate Practitioner.

Becoming fully certified and receiving GTP credentials may take two years or more.  The Gemstone Therapy Institute will not assign certification unless they know an applicant is fully qualified to handle the sophisticated protocols that bring out the full potential of gemstones. Requirements include 100 practice sessions and an in-person oral final exam.