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Sep 18 2017

What is a Gemstone Therapy session like?

By: Jocelyn Schmidt

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Gemstone Therapy Institute practitioners are trained to provide a safe and comfortable space where your trust is earned every step of the way. Gemstone Therapy is a no-touch, permission-based modality. During your session you may sit or lie down on a treatment table.

You remain fully clothed, though you may feel more comfortable removing your shoes. Overhead lights will be lowered, and a thin sheet or blanket will cover you. You’ll receive a pillow for your head, and a bolster for your knees if you want one. Gemstone necklaces will be laid on your body and applied above and around it. Gemstone aura sprays may also be applied above your body. Treatments usually last about an hour.

At the end of a Gemstone Therapy session, clients feel calm, at peace, and relaxed. More importantly they are fully integrated, which means they will leave well-grounded, without feeling spacey, disconnected, or over-treated.