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Nov 16 2018

Vitalize Your Relationship with Carnelian & White Beryl

By: Isabelle Morton

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The vitalizing energy that keeps people in love with life, and with each other, is essential not only for good health, but also for relationships. Unfortunately, it’s one of the first things that wanes when we are overworked, overstressed, and overtired.

In a healthy relationship, each partner should be able to feel renewed vitality in the other’s company. Their energies nurture and nourish each other. They also inspire each other to love life more, become interested in new things, and explore themselves and the world around them. Vitality ignites curiosity and the creative flow.

A surge in vitality can lead to physical intimacy and help restore the unique energy patterns that keep partners in harmony with each other.

Vitality can also invite healthful rest. When people are depleted, they’re more likely to push through their tiredness and drive themselves to exhaustion. Ironically, the more you lack vitality, the harder it is to let go and relax. Depleted people don’t have the energy to compromise or see another’s viewpoint, and tend to insist on having their way. These traits can be disastrous for a relationship.

When a relationship nurtures vitality in its partners, it’s easier for them to find common ground when disagreements arise. It’s easier for them to find sexual harmony as well. Less often is one partner interested when the other is not. If incompatibility exists, it finds a resolution with grace.

If the inherent life energy in one or both partners is low, they will be unable to enjoy the renewal that sex can provide. They might not even get that far. Low vitality often coincides with low libido.

Because of the way energies tend to flow between a couple, when both partners are experiencing low vitality, it’s possible they can share the limited energy they do have between them. The energy available goes to the one who needs it most. Sometimes one partner will use their combined energy almost exclusively until the need abates. In other cases, the partners take turns.

Here’s an indicator that a couple is taking turns using their combined energies. One night, one person feels interested in having sex and the other does not. The following night, the roles reverse. The partner who wasn’t interested now is, and the one who was interested the previous night would now rather do something else. These partners haven’t lost interest, just the energy to follow through. Instead of being upset with each other, the couple who recognizes what is going on energetically can channel their frustration into gratitude for the sharing that is taking place.

Ideally, partners should have enough of their own vitality that they don’t have to give it away on a daily basis. This way, rather than taking turns, both can feel healthy at the same time.

Gemstone Therapy to Improve Relationship Vitality

Our gemstone formula of Carnelian with White Beryl supports healthy relationships by working to restore this vitality in a person. It nourishes and clears blockages associated with the healing, life-giving orange color ray.

Carnelian improves vitality by clearing energy flows, allowing you to feel more free, enthusiastic, and joyful. Symbiotic White Beryl overcomes any blockages you may have in the orange ray and provides a window so that this color ray can freely move both toward and away from your body.

Carnelian with White Beryl nourishes its wearer with the orange color ray, relaxes the body so that it can release disharmonious energies, and provides a special type of vitalizing energy. This energy brightens your outlook so that you can better appreciate life, encourages optimism and enthusiasm, and inspires you to make changes that will guide you toward fulfilling your life’s goals and dreams.

Carnelian with White Beryl ignites the flow of life-giving energy in a person and brings warmth to a relationship. This is especially true of Carnelian that has been heated. Therapeutic-quality heat-treated Carnelian rondels have superior translucency, clarity, and a bright orange color.

Unheated Carnelian usually comes in a range of orange hues. This Carnelian normalizes excessive heat in the body, which can manifest as uncontrollable anger and sexual expression. It also nourishes to help a person find balance in a more graceful way. People who feel especially depleted may appreciate this natural form of Carnelian for its vitalizing effects without the accompanying fire.

When using Carnelian for relationships, it is essential to combine it with White Beryl. Energies tend to be easily blocked when two people are involved, especially when they are both strong individuals. Most of the energy blockages between two people start very small, often with a disagreement that doesn’t get resolved. The disharmony remains in the aura collecting and accruing unwanted energies. In most cases, the purifying energies of White Beryl can easily disperse these energies.

When partners clash over big issues, or when smaller disagreements are left unresolved, the blockages can grow in size and intensity until they interfere with a couple’s peace and happiness. This is when the natural form of Carnelian & White Beryl can be especially helpful.

No matter which form of Carnelian you choose, the combination of Carnelian & White Beryl can help vitalize your relationship, improve harmony between you and your partner, and bring uplifting, energetic support to you as an individual.