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Jun 05 2019

What Is Diamond Therapy?

By: Isabelle Morton

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Diamond Therapy is a complementary alternative modality that reconnects you with your innate healing instructions so that you can restore your ability to self-heal. It may be applied as a stand-alone modality or be easily incorporated into any other healing method, from talk therapy, to massage therapy, to energy work and Gemstone Therapy.

In a Diamond Therapy session, a client may sit in a chair or relax on a treatment table, fully clothed. Sessions usually last from 30 to 60 minutes but can sometimes go longer. During the session, one or more Therapy Diamonds are applied in specific ways to certain points on the body, and/or moved in the aura. Twenty-eight movements have been identified, each one with a different meaning that lets a practitioner know what is happening energetically at that area.

When a Therapy Diamond is incorporated into another modality, it may simply rest outside its container in the treatment space, where it will uplift everyone there, including the practitioner.

Diamond Therapy works by awakening the living blueprints that guide optimal health and function. Your blueprints are like your body’s very own healing guidebook. They give you instructions for every aspect of yourself, from your atoms and molecules to your mind and emotions. These instructions can lead you step-by-step to greater health.

The thing is, sometimes the body forgets its blueprints. They become clouded and unreachable or the body shifts away from them, gets hardened by materiality, loses its ability to receive blueprint information, or simply doesn’t have the strength to access them.

Special applications of one or two Therapy Diamonds can correct each of these problems individually, so you can reconnect with your life’s purpose, reboot your forward momentum, and return to the destiny you are meant to fulfill.

Therapy Diamonds support optimal alignment. Because they work holistically, every point a Therapy Diamond targets aligns with every other point. Uniting the components of the body and bringing them together allows forgotten resources to come forward. Communication improves, and you can feel what it really means to be connected with your blueprints, your life, and yourself.

Losing our ability to receive blueprint information usually occurs when we consistently make unhealthy choices. The body falls into patterns of function or behavior that shy away from its blueprint truth. Organ function wanes, the emotions become more unpredictable, and thoughts become uncontrollably negative. The chakras no longer draw in as much light and life energy.

When you recognize what’s going on and turn to Diamond Therapy to help, you become more aware of the influences that have led you astray, so you can make healthier choices freely and easily.

Not having the strength or energy to access and follow your inner blueprint truth is a common problem. People today are generally overtired, depleted, and burned out. This means they lack the life energy they need to feel and function at their best. Life energy is healing energy. Without it, the body tires, weakens, and starts to malfunction.

While several types of energy feed the body, its essential nourishment comes from color-ray spectrums. Color rays feed the body, emotions, memory, and mind. They refresh your spirit and boost the function of your cells and organs. Every part of you needs this essential nourishment to live.

When Therapy Diamonds are applied in a certain way, they open channels for color rays to feed you. With regular use, you can maintain these channels on your own, so you can get the life-giving energy you need when you need it. You can regain control of your life and how you live it.

Therapy Diamonds also have extraordinary clearing abilities, probably because they can restore color-ray channels. Ironically, the body needs to be nourished before it can let go of what it doesn’t want or need. A depleted body will cling to anything in hopes of gleaning something from it, even if that something is useless or potentially harmful. Usually, the burden does nothing more than accumulate and make things worse.

Therapy Diamonds can be applied in special ways that combine clearing with nourishing, strengthening, or increasing flexibility. The clearing involves any unwanted energies that get in the way of your blueprint guidance and direction. These unwanted energies may be based in the emotional, mental, causal, or physical body. With Diamond Therapy, you get the nourishment you need so you can have the strength to let go of what is no longer serving you.  In the end, you can feel freer and more joyful.

A fascinating benefit of Therapy Diamonds is their ability to increase flexibility. Again, Therapy Diamonds work at all levels simultaneously, so this benefit applies to all the subtle bodies. Increased mental flexibility allows you to make decisions more easily. Causal flexibility means you have less difficulty recalling memories. With emotional flexibility, you have the freedom to choose how you want to feel at any given time. Physical flexibility can manifest as increased adaptability, so you can make the improvements in your life you’ve been dreaming of.

The reason Therapy Diamonds can increase flexibility lies in their ability to help the body shift from an energetic state to a material one. Ideally, this should occur rhythmically at all levels. We know the atoms can shift from a particle or matter state to an energetic state or a state of light. The atoms that comprise a healthy body do this rhythmically.

In the energetic state, they come in touch with their blueprints. In the matter state, they convey what they learned and manifest it.

We partake of this rhythm on a daily basis through periods of sleep and wakefulness. At night, we have the opportunity to commune with our blueprint truth. During the day, we can affirm our blueprints, shift toward the direction they point, and make their truth our reality.

By reintroducing you to your blueprints, Diamond Therapy can help you live the life you desire, be the person you want to be, and guide you on the journey you’re meant to travel in this lifetime.


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