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May 06 2019

What Really Causes Burnout? The Energetic Reason You’re Still Tired and Depleted

By: Isabelle Morton

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Figure 1: Heaven energy depicted by orange arrows flows down into the central chakra channel from above. Earth energy (pink arrows) flows up from below.

I am always curious about the relationship between the body’s physical symptoms and its energetic health. In some situations, as in the case of burnout, the correlation is apparent.

In this blog, we’ll explore the underlying causes of burnout by examining what’s going on energetically. To ensure my description is clear, I’ll first cover a few basics of chakra anatomy.

The chakra system consists of many components besides the chakras themselves, one of which is called the central chakra channel. When healthy, the nonlocal central chakra channel is shaped like a tube about four to six inches wide that reaches from below the feet, through the center of the body, and all the way to above the head.

The channel brings in what I call Heaven energy from above and draws up Earth energy from below (Figure 1).  Heaven and Earth energies meet behind each chakra and combine in a ratio that each chakra requires for nourishment. This mixture can change from moment to moment to meet the chakra’s needs (Figure 2).

The central chakra channel is also the center of the toroid magnetic field that defines the overall shape of a healthy human aura. When the central channel is healthy, the toroid field is healthy too. This field deflects unwanted energies and helps attract those that may be useful and helpful for a person (Figure 3).

Figure 2: Heaven and Earth energy feed each chakra in the proportions that each chakra needs in each moment.

I could go into great detail about this anatomy, but for the purposes of understanding the energetic cause of burnout, you simply need to know that the walls of a healthy central channel are well-defined. They are an ideal conduit for the high-vibration Heaven and Earth energy to feed the chakras while also protecting physical tissues from this high-vibration energy.

When a person has exhausted all other reserves, her body will be tempted to draw energy from her inner core, where the central channel lies. The flow of Heaven and Earth energy is a tempting source. It seems infinite, so why not take from this abundant wellspring?

The problem is that the body is not designed to dip directly into the central channel to obtain energy for its daily needs. Nor should it draw energy from its vital organs. But when a person is exhausted for long enough, the body will ultimately have no choice.

Figure 3: The toroidal-shaped magnetic field. The central chakra channel comprises the center of this field.

Since the vital organs are critical, the body has designed a failsafe. It will first draw energy from its chakra system to feed a tired person. This way, the person has an opportunity to recover with minimal physical damage. Chakra system exhaustion is less harmful in the long term and serves as a warning system. It slows you down, so you’re more likely to rest.

But these days, we can’t always rest when our body wants us to or as much as the body needs. We have demands that others put on us or that we put on ourselves. We have responsibilities, bills to pay, children to feed, and jobs to keep.

When we push through tiredness and the chakra system can give no more, we start drawing energy from our vital organs as a last resort. This is when serious physical health consequences can arise.

In the meantime, as the central channel walls continue to grow thinner from depletion, three main problems occur.

  1. Figure 4: Here, the central chakra channel has deteriorated and is leaking at the heart and stomach chakras. The throat chakra is mildly affected.

    The channel loses its ability to support the toroid field, so a person can feel more vulnerable and unsupported.

  2. The channel loses its ability to feed the chakras. Undernourished chakras are unable to give you accurate feedback about how you truly think and feel, so it becomes harder to make decisions—even minor choices.
  3. If the central channel walls deteriorate enough, they start to leak. The high-voltage Heaven and Earth energy can start to affect the body directly. Think of it as a high-intensity heat going where it shouldn’t (the term “burnout” is apropos).

To prevent this from happening, the leaking central channel no longer supports Heaven and Earth energy coming in. As a result, the body’s key source of energetic nourishment is curtailed (Figure 4).

High-vibration energy that makes contact with physical tissue can cause inflammation and pain, as well as anxiety, insomnia, exhaustion, a reduced ability to cope with stress, and more. In fact, all the symptoms of burnout can be traced to this energetic anomaly of the central channel: the leaking of the central chakra channel.

When your chakras are undernourished, they’re unable to fulfill their missions. This can impact many aspects of your life, as the chakras are responsible for a range of key functions. The type of burnout symptoms a person experiences depends on which of the individual chakras the leakage is affecting. Here are some of the effects of chakra leaks:

  • It can be more difficult to make wise decisions, a function of the crown chakra, as rationalization skills are compromised.
  • The brow chakra’s ability to convey accurate intuition can be curtailed. It can become more difficult to sleep at night and to concentrate during the day.
  • Truthful and accurate communication, a throat chakra function, can get lost in a mire of confusion. Creativity can also dry up.
  • The heart will find it harder to love, forgive, and practice kindness. You can become more moody, short-tempered, and emotionally exhausted.
  • Your self-esteem and self-worth may suffer, as the stomach chakra’s support of them diminishes.
  • The sacral chakra is less effective in supporting healthy relationships. It becomes easier to blame others when difficulties arise.
  • The motivation to move forward in your life or career, a root chakra function, can decrease if not disappear entirely.

Professionals offer the following suggestions for lifestyle changes to help reverse burnout:

  • Get more exercise.
  • Change your routine to give yourself more time to relax and sleep.
  • Separate self-worth from achievement.
  • Take a vacation.
  • Let go of your need for perfection.
  • Let go of your need to do everything.
  • Spend some time enjoying leisure activities or doing something creative.
  • Reduce caffeine intake.
  • Turn off your phone and detach from social media.
  • Start a spiritual practice or do relaxation exercises.
  • Speak to your boss or manager about the need to modify your schedule.

Still, for a complete recovery, you’ll have to address the damage to your energetic anatomy. Time can help it to heal, but the process may take a while. To speed things up, you can work with a Gemstone Therapy Practitioner. Practitioners are specially trained in the art and science of chakra assessment, evaluation, and correction, and many give sessions by phone.

You can also work with our two new gemstone remedies:

Our LifeLine necklace is designed specifically for the purpose of helping you recover from burnout. Restore Yourself Spray , our newest gemstone-infused aura spray, is formulated to restore health to those who feel depleted or exhausted from working too hard, resting too little, or simply giving too much of themselves.

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