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Jan 15 2019

What’s in Your Medicine Cabinet to Support Real Healing?

By: Isabelle Morton

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Think about your medicine cabinet at home. What natural remedies do you have for minor ailments and injuries, the ones that don’t require medical attention? There are some good options available: homeopathic treatments, herbal remedies, aloe vera, and so forth. But how do you know they work? How do you know how well they work, other than how they make you feel? What if once you applied the remedy, you could use a technique to find out how well it worked? Then, if results weren’t favorable, you could try another treatment. Using Spectrum Balancing, you can find out—and that can save you a lot of time, money, and discomfort.

Take another look in your medicine cabinet. What do you have for those more serious conditions that a medical professional is already helping you with? I know from personal experience that doctors can do amazing things to help you with serious injuries, treat illness, even save your life. But when you come home and feel awful, they can’t help you one bit.

That part of our healing process is up to us. Instead of feeling helpless, confused, or overwhelmed by that responsibility, imagine having an all-natural, non-chemical remedy to ease your pain and speed up your body’s ability to heal. How would it feel to regain some control over your self-healing process?

Color-ray evaluation and Spectrum Balancing correction techniques can help you do just that.

Consider your medicine cabinet one more time. Do you have anything to address those mysterious illnesses that are not currently acknowledged, recognized, or understood by medical professionals? What about the conditions that doctors think you’re making up when you report your very real symptoms? As someone who has been there and knows what that’s like, I want to offer real help for those who have been there too. That’s why I feel it’s my mission to share information about color rays and Spectrum Balancing techniques with the world.

If you studied with me back in the 1980s or with the people who came after me, some of this may sound familiar, but the truth is that our knowledge of color rays was incomplete at that time. When I started exploring color rays, I felt I was given just enough information to set my curiosity on fire, and it’s been burning all these years as I’ve worked long and hard to make sense of it and clear up the confusion.

Introduction to Gemstone Therapy Color-Ray Healing has been one of the hardest courses I’ve ever put together. It has taken years. I’ve tried to finalize it for release about five different times, and I just couldn’t do it. For whatever reason, I wasn’t ready. It simply wasn’t time.

Now that it’s finally complete, I get to share with you the product of all the hard work and time I invested. Now, you get to discover a real way to find out what works and what doesn’t, what can give you relief when you need it, and what’s really worth adding to your medicine cabinet.


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