Bloodstone & Red Coral Necklace

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Gathers and supports the body’s resources to balance and normalize body ecology. Strengthens the powerhouse that fuels all energy vortexes in your body to help you reestablish health from deep within.

3A-Quality Bloodstone

    8mm [3A] - 20" Necklace ($349.00)

    8mm [3A] - 24" Necklace ($384.00)

    8mm [3A] - 30" Necklace ($436.00)

    10mm [3A] - 20" Necklace ($551.00)

    10mm [3A] - 24" Necklace ($578.00)

    10mm [3A] - 25" Necklace ($584.00)

4A-Quality Bloodstone

    8mm [4A] - 24" Necklace ($478.00)

Wear Bloodstone & Red Coral When You Want to:

  • Vitalize the immune system.
  • Become more resilient to infection and other potential threats.
  • Support your body’s molecular vitality.
  • Support the energetic correction of chronic metabolic imbalances.
  • Rally your body’s resources to release infections or toxins.

When you Feel:

  • Vulnerable or susceptible to harmful influences.
  • Ready to fine-tune the balance and harmony within you.
  • Uncomfortable or unsettled within yourself, for no apparent reason.


Bloodstone with Red Coral is an excellent choice when you need support with a variety of physical imbalances. Combined with Red Coral, its reach expands and can help correct the energetics involved in metabolic imbalances.

Bloodstone normalizes body ecology, and in doing so supports many systems, including: the digestive system by supporting nutrient absorption, the eliminatory system by encouraging toxin removal, and particularly the immune system by clarifying the identity of your own unique vibrations–so that foreign ones are more easily identified.

These gemstones’ energies rally your body’s energetic resources to help correct physical imbalances such as pH and electrolyte levels, hormones, and other biochemicals. Bloodstone also has an affinity with the molecular level of the body, and supports metabolic processes.

What Does it Mean to Normalize Body Ecology?
A formula of Bloodstone with Red Coral vitalizes the immune system due to its ability to normalize body ecology. The human body carries millions of microorganisms. Many bacteria, fungi, and viruses–that aren’t harmful–thrive on the inner and outer surfaces of our bodies. Growing evidence shows they are our symbiotic supporters. We provide an environment for them to thrive and they help us in a variety of ways. Imbalances in this microbiome can result in symptoms we associate with cold, flu, and other upsets.

Correcting imbalances can take a great deal of energy because it requires a change in the inherent patterns and trends that put these symbiotic partners out of balance. We need to shift the direction our body has been going in. Making those changes can draw reserves from your powerhouse. This is why we incorporate symbiotic Red Coral with Bloodstone.

Red Coral strengthens and improves the foundation of your powerhouse. Your powerhouse is responsible for fueling all the energy vortexes in your body and includes the electrical structures that support these vortexes. Your main powerhouse is that vortex that is centered in your central chakra channel, which is the core of the personal vortex that moves around your body. This main powerhouse feeds the individual chakra vortexes plus all cellular vortexes. By strengthening these vortexes, Red Coral energy allows you to enjoy life at a new and higher level of vibration and health.

Red Coral’s energy has an affinity with the mitochondria, which are responsible for providing energy to the cells. Red Coral energies also increase the flow of molecular level energies, which tend to slow down with age and environmental stress.

Our necklaces comprise all the innovations in gemstone necklace therapy, to ensure you have the most effective healing tools available.

  • Our gemstones are natural and therapeutic-quality, which means they are at the top of their class in color, clarity, and brightness. Although quality parameters vary for each individual gemstone, we carefully select every bead to make sure you get the very best.
  • We use spheres and rondels because they radiate the gemstones’ energies throughout the wearer’s body and aura.
  • All our necklaces are strung with a symbiotic gemstone that can catalyze, support, or strengthen the work of the primary gem. The difference between necklaces that contain only one type of stone and those strung with their partners is extraordinary. Not only are symbiotic necklaces more beautiful and feel better energetically, they also work more effectively and efficiently. A primary gem and its symbiotic encourage healthy relationships and can help balance the forces of yin and yang throughout your body and being.
  • All necklaces have a clasp, which we feel is essential. Clasps allow necklaces to breathe. When you open a clasp, the gems release a significant amount of unwanted energies they collected during use. With a clasp, you can arrange the necklace in a spiral during storage so that the gems can regenerate themselves. In addition, clasps make it possible to wrap gems around a therapy wand to apply in the aura, or lay them across your body for an easy and restful self-therapy.
  • We string using nylon thread. Nylon is strong, doesn’t fray or stretch like other threads, and is made of a simple chain of molecules. Nylon energy has a negligible effect on a therapeutic necklace.

For inquiries regarding custom necklaces or bracelets, please call 877-4GEM-GEM (877-443-6436) or email us at

Cleansing Your Gemstones using Clearing Sprays
Therapeutic gemstones naturally accumulate unwanted energies when you wear them. These energies are what the gems help your body to release, or that they naturally pick up from their environment either during use or when stored. If your necklaces aren’t cleansed often enough or completely enough, unwanted energies build up. The gemstones’ therapeutic value will be limited and you’ll no longer feel drawn to wear them.

Gemstones must be regularly and thoroughly cleansed to be of the greatest benefit to the wearer. GEMFormulas’ Aura Sprays are superior for cleansing and rejuvenating gemstones. Click Here for instructions.

Storing Your Gemstones
Arrange your therapeutic gemstone necklaces and bracelets in a neat spiral with their clasp open. This orientation concentrates the gemstones’ energies and helps them rejuvenate themselves. Use a necklace tray to keep them organized. The tray also keeps the gemstone energies separated, which makes selecting the right necklace easier. Learn More.

Store your therapeutic gemstone jewelry away from sources of electromagnetic radiation, such as laptops, television sets, and cell phones.

Wearing therapeutic gemstone jewelry around your neck or on your wrist or ears is by far the easiest way to enjoy their healing benefits. Therapeutic gemstones may also be applied on the body as a poultice, or applied in the aura strung on a therapy wand.

1 review for Bloodstone & Red Coral Necklace

  1. 5 out of 5


    Bloodstone & Red Coral is a necklace Isa had recommended for me.

    I am timid/introverted and always struggle with the certainty that people won’t like me. When I got the necklace and put it on, I experienced a number of unexpected results: 1) People were approaching me and smiling very brightly like iron filings attracted to a magnet, 2) I simply lost my self-consciousness and fear of people, 3) I looked fabulous! A number of times, I took it off, and the phenomena stopped; then put it back on, and they happened again.

    Note: Because the necklace facilitates the removal of toxins, I found it was key to my comfort to make sure my elimination was functioning well– like, for instance, eating extra roughage/veggies, etc.

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