Blue Lace Agate & White Beryl Necklace

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Discover your true inner and outer strengths. Blue Lace Agate & White Beryl supports healthy energy flows to help you move forward in life or recover more quickly from an illness or injury. It promotes healthy relationships by helping you to attract an ideal partner with equally balanced flows, balancing the give-and-take between you and your partner, and improving compatibility.

3A-Quality Blue Lace Agate

    8mm - 20" Necklace (4.7 cts. White Beryl) ($465.00)

    8mm - 24" Necklace (~4.75 cts. White Beryl) ($581.00)

    8mm - 27" Necklace (4.9 cts. White Beryl) ($604.00)

    8mm - 30" Necklace (4.0 cts. White Beryl) ($571.00)

    10mm - 18" Necklace (3.4 cts. White Beryl) ($578.00)

    10mm - 20" Necklace (4.0 cts. White Beryl) ($644.00)

    10mm - 24" Necklace (~4.5 cts. White Beryl) ($671.00)

    10mm - 27" Necklace (4.0 cts. White Beryl) ($699.00)

    10mm - 30" Necklace (5.5 cts. White Beryl) ($728.00)

Try Blue Lace Agate & White Beryl when:

  • You want to speed up your recovery from an illness or injury.
  • You want to feel stronger and discover your true inner and outer strengths.
  • You feel regretful of a wrong choice or of choices not made.
  • You are unclear about your true thoughts and feelings.
  • You want to develop and maximize your individuality and physical, emotional, and mental assets.
  • You want to overcome limiting patterns that influence you on many levels.
  • Your movement forward in life feels sluggish and stuck.
  • You want to heal imbalances and inequities in your relationship.
  • You have the sense that you give more than you receive.
  • You feel unable to receive love and nurturing from your relationship.
  • You want to improve compatibility and feel more in tune with your partner (learn more).

Blue Lace Agate & White Beryl strengthens, normalizes, and balances the natural flows of energy that move toward and away from your body. These flows radiate from every cell and organ outward into your aura to release spent and unwanted energies. They also flow from your aura inward to your body to nourish it. These flows are associated with your ability to give and receive freely with others and to successfully navigate life’s challenges.

Healthy energy flows moving toward and away from your body strengthen and define your body’s frequencies and encourage them to become aligned and coherent. Strong, well-defined frequencies clarify cell and organ identity and improve function. They also help you feel more confident, capable, protected, and able to fulfill goals.

Blue Lace Agate & White Beryl is called for when the body has become weakened for any reason including flu, infection, illness, injury, surgery, or age. If you are already relatively healthy, it can also help you discover new degrees of personal strength, stamina, and resilience. It helps clarify your thoughts and feelings, and find acceptance with your past.

When symbiotic White Beryl is combined with Blue Lace Agate, blockages in these flows are overcome. The White Beryl provides a window for once-blocked areas to open. Areas of your life that were once immovable begin to loosen, and change becomes possible.

To learn how Blue Lace Agate & White Beryl can support your ability to attract and maintain a healthy relationship, read my blog post here.

Untangling Energy Flows

Blue Lace Agate energy acts like a comb to unravel tangles in the energy flows while also nourishing and strengthening the flows themselves. With more life energy now reaching the body, any healing process can be accelerated. This is why Blue Lace Agate/White Beryl can be useful for a broad spectrum of issues.
As Blue Lace Agate energy untangles energy flows, unwanted energies caught up in the tangles are freed. The frequencies that comprise the body become more clearly defined. In other words, they become stronger and capable of more definitive self-expression. When you wear Blue Lace Agate/White Beryl, you may indeed feel stronger, less burdened, and able express yourself more authentically. The frequencies (of thought, action, and emotion) that you express more clearly reflect who you really are.

Blue Lace Agate‘s ability to untangle frequencies has another interesting benefit. It allows you to jettison and let go the choices you didn’t make, but wish you had. At any choice point in life, we need to focus fully on the path we have chosen to take. The joy we didn’t express, the words we didn’t say, and the thoughts we never wrote down all remain with us if we don’t let them go. They can begin to feel like heavy baggage if we pine about them, or feel guilty or regretful. Every time we say, “I wish I’d done this or that” we add energy to the baggage and it further disrupts the aura’s energy flows. 

When Blue Lace Agate energy combs out the tangles, the unwanted energies that were once caught up fall away gracefully and quietly. You may not even realize when they go. Because this old energy no longer holds you back, you may notice improved clarity in your thoughts, ideas, and feelings, and the added momentum you now experience moving forward with your life.

Blue Lace Agate & White Beryl for a Healthy Relationship

Blue Lace Agate & White Beryl belongs to our Gemstone Therapy Solutions for Healthy Relationships collection. In a healthy relationship, energy flows move between partners so that giving and receiving can occur effortlessly. This formula helps to balance and clear blockages in these flows so that they move more smoothly. As a result, compatibility can improve and partners may feel more in sync with each other. For maximum effectiveness, both partners should wear Blue Lace Agate & White Beryl, in whatever length and bead size feels the most comfortable to them.

If you are ready for a relationship, you can wear this necklace to help you harmonize your inflows and outflows. Ideal partners match each other’s energy flows. The more balanced yours are, the more likely you’ll be able to find someone with equally balanced flows.

Notes to the Gemstone Therapy Practitioner

In my experience, Blue Lace Agate is not drawn to those who are chronically depleted or seriously energetically undernourished. It seems to require that client achieve or have already established a degree of strength before that strength can be improved upon. 

I’ll often look forward to when a client is ready for Blue Lace Agate/White Beryl as this marks a significant step on their healing journey. It’s as though the clearing and replenishing is complete, and now it’s time to heal and rebuild.

Those who work with the gems for self-therapy purposes may want to know how they can determine if they are ready for Blue Lace Agate/White Beryl, or for any gemstone? An attraction to a healing necklace that stands out above all other necklaces is a good sign it will be helpful for you. Ask yourself, do you feel or sense an affinity to the gemstone? If you imagine yourself wearing it, do you feel uplifted or glimpse a sense of greater wellness, centeredness, and strength? Do you feel supported and capable? If so, your energy field and that of the necklace may be ready to enter a symbiotic relationship, and lead you forward on your healing journey.

Our necklaces comprise all the innovations in gemstone necklace therapy, to ensure you have the most effective healing tools available.

  • Our gemstones are natural and therapeutic-quality, which means they are at the top of their class in color, clarity, and brightness. Although quality parameters vary for each individual gemstone, we carefully select every bead to make sure you get the very best.
  • We use spheres and rondels because they radiate the gemstones’ energies throughout the wearer’s body and aura.
  • All our necklaces are strung with a symbiotic gemstone that can catalyze, support, or strengthen the work of the primary gem. The difference between necklaces that contain only one type of stone and those strung with their partners is extraordinary. Not only are symbiotic necklaces more beautiful and feel better energetically, they also work more effectively and efficiently. A primary gem and its symbiotic encourage healthy relationships and can help balance the forces of yin and yang throughout your body and being.
  • All necklaces have a clasp, which we feel is essential. Clasps allow necklaces to breathe. When you open a clasp, the gems release a significant amount of unwanted energies they collected during use. With a clasp, you can arrange the necklace in a spiral during storage so that the gems can regenerate themselves. In addition, clasps make it possible to wrap gems around a therapy wand to apply in the aura, or lay them across your body for an easy and restful self-therapy.
  • We string using nylon thread. Nylon is strong, doesn’t fray or stretch like other threads, and is made of a simple chain of molecules. Nylon energy has a negligible effect on a therapeutic necklace.

For inquiries regarding custom necklaces or bracelets, please call 877-4GEM-GEM (877-443-6436) or email us at

Cleansing Your Gemstones using Clearing Sprays
Therapeutic gemstones naturally accumulate unwanted energies when you wear them. These energies are what the gems help your body to release, or that they naturally pick up from their environment either during use or when stored. If your necklaces aren’t cleansed often enough or completely enough, unwanted energies build up. The gemstones’ therapeutic value will be limited and you’ll no longer feel drawn to wear them.

Gemstones must be regularly and thoroughly cleansed to be of the greatest benefit to the wearer.

GEMFormulas’ Aura Sprays are superior for cleansing and rejuvenating gemstones. Click Here for instructions.

Storing Your Gemstones
Arrange your therapeutic gemstone necklaces and bracelets in a neat spiral with their clasp open. This orientation concentrates the gemstones’ energies and helps them rejuvenate themselves. Use a necklace tray to keep them organized. The tray also keeps the gemstone energies separated, which makes selecting the right necklace easier. Learn More.

Store your therapeutic gemstone jewelry away from sources of electromagnetic radiation, such as laptops, television sets, and cell phones.

Wearing therapeutic gemstone jewelry around your neck or on your wrist or ears is by far the easiest way to enjoy their healing benefits. Therapeutic gemstones may also be applied on the body as a poultice, or applied in the aura strung on a therapy wand.

Blue Lace Agate/White Beryl :: Give and Receive in Equal Measure

Gems to Support Healthy Romantic Relationships

Energetic Principle
The key to a healthy relationship is the ability to give and receive in relatively equal measure. Feel as though you give too much? Feel as though your partner doesn’t give enough? While the imbalance may also exist in your partner, it’s your responsibility to heal the imbalance in yourself.

Wearing Blue Lace Agate/White Beryl clears and restores the flows of life-giving energy that should move throughout your body and being. These flows replenish and heal. When worn for a relationship, it does the same for the energies that should flow easily between the partners, keeping them well-nourished and happy.

If you are ready for a relationship, you can wear Blue Lace Agate/White Beryl to help you harmonize your inflows and outflows. Ideal partners match each other’s energy flows. The more balanced yours are, the more likely you’ll be able to find someone who can match them.

What it Means to Have Good Flows in a Relationship
When you are healthy, energy flows circulate between your body and your emotions, memory, mind, and intuition. In a healthy relationship, these flows move between yourself and your partner. When this occurs, giving and receiving are effortless. Giving is done generously, from the heart, but also wisely. Receiving occurs with the same open-heartedness as giving.

The flows that circulate between partners ideally occur on all levels: physical, emotional, memory, mind, and intuition. This is why some partners report picking up on the same thoughts. They also share emotions, which helps keep the partnership whole.

If occasionally you have to give more than you have available and need to draw upon your reserves, it is relatively easy to replenish them. You know your personal parameters and are able to give yourself time and space to refill yourself.

Imbalanced Flows Can Lead to Physical Imbalances
Problems occur when people forget that life-giving energy comes primarily from within and is tied to a loving outflow. Instead, they look to their partners to fulfill their needs, and feel they don’t owe anything in return. A good relationship is inherently nourishing when the partners find a balance of giving and receiving that works for them.

When people expect replenishment to come from other people, they become like a magnet or a siphon. They try to draw energy from their partners. This can become a big problem if a partner is willing to give it. It can cause serious energy draining, which can lead to physical symptoms. Ironically, it could lead to a situation where the individual must now return the energy she has taken by having to care-give for her convalescing partner.

Life energy must be allowed in. You cannot force it to heal you. The give and take you practice in a relationship teaches the inflow and outflow relationship you have with healing, life-giving energies.

They say you must give in order to receive. In the world of energies, you can only give what you have first received. Anything else draws from reserves and can lead to depletion.

Gemstone Therapy to Improve Your Ability to Give and Receive
Blue Lace Agate/White Beryl emphasizes and strengthens the natural flows of energy that circulate between your body and your emotions, memory, mind, and intuition. Blue Lace Agate strengthens and White Beryl purifies. White Beryl energies clear blockages in energy flows, making it an ideal partner for Blue Lace Agate.

Wearing this gemstone formula helps you clear the blockages in the flows that should be nourishing and replenishing you. It also clears blockages to healthy giving—that which is done selflessly, without thought of reward.

When worn with the intention of improving a relationship, the necklace will also work with the energy flows that naturally move between a couple. You may notice that your compatibility improves. You may start talking at the same time and find yourself thinking the same thoughts. While the flows in a relationship may never be perfectly balanced, they can improve to the point where your relationship feels renewed and becomes a vessel for life-energy once again.

4 reviews for Blue Lace Agate & White Beryl Necklace

  1. 5 out of 5


    I am deeply grateful for all the gem tools I have used, but this one is a personal favorite. This is one of those gems that can very in personality from necklace to necklace. Mine is a soothing edition, that is perfect for helping me stay in myself in chaotic and noisy environments. I fall more in place and my nervous system stops “searching” for input around me. The unravelling effect is something I am experiencing in all aspects of my life according to my personal intention. Situations that are “extra noise” in my life, are falling away naturally. Then I have more space to be who I really am from the core out, instead of waste energy on facades, habits, relationships etc. that don’t eminate from the core. Since this necklace helps to be oneself, I often use Chakra spray or a color -ray pendant or bracelet to support a certain chakra in becoming more in tune with my true self, as a supplement to my intention.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I find this necklace very supporting to me when I need support in being who I am and following my true path in this life. It helps provide me with confidence to continue forward, even when the energies around me seem non supportive.

  3. 5 out of 5


    The Blue Lace Agate & White Beryl necklace has really been a great necklace in helping me feel more in touch with my own inner strengths.
    It helps me bring myself out of a unhealthy thought pattern and into a positive one.

  4. 5 out of 5


    This necklace helped me sort out give and take in my romantic relationship. I was in an unhealthy relationship some years ago and it kind of screwed up my perception of balance in this area. With this necklace I feel automatically when and how much to give when it seems fair. I don’t worry so much about letting myself get drained or used anymore because this necklace helps me trust myself. Its getting easier to trust receiving, too.

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