Chakra Guardian™ Bracelet

Chakra Guardian™ Bracelet

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Good chakra health is key to physical health. By enhancing chakra vitality, your own sense of health and well-being can also improve. The Chakra Guardian gemstones harmonize, vitalize, and restore the chakras, especially those that have been damaged by trauma, illness, anger, or setbacks. They support the chakras to communicate accurate information to your higher intelligence, to help you make the best decisions possible.

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3A-Quality Tanzanite Rondels

    7.5" (27.07 cts. Tanzanite, 1.5 cts. W. Beryl, .49 cts. B. Sapphire) ($1,259.00)

    7.5" (32.3 cts. Tanzanite, 2 cts. W. Beryl, .5 cts. B. Sapphire ($1,103.00)

    8" (34 cts. Tanzanite, 1.75 cts. W. Beryl, .45 cts. B. Sapphire) ($1,132.00)

4A-Quality Tanzanite Rondels

    7" (29.1 cts. Tanzanite, 2.5 cts. W. Beryl, .6 cts. B. Sapphire) ($1,397.00)

    7.5" (31.7 cts. Tanzanite, 2.7 cts. W. Beryl, .7 cts. B. Sapphire) ($1,527.00)

    8" (23.6 cts. Tanzanite, 2.2 cts. W. Beryl, ..6 cts. B. Sapphire) ($1,166.00)

    8" (36.9 cts. Tanzanite, 5.7 cts. W. Beryl, 1.3 cts. B. Sapphire) ($1,958.00)

The Benefits of Wearing Therapeutic Gemstone Bracelets

The Chakra Guardian Bracelet Can Help You:

  • Free sluggish energies and blockages, and correct leaks in your chakras so you feel more energetic and alive.
  • Increase the expression of your authentic self, so you shine more brightly as the light that you are.
  • Fortify, vitalize and nourish your chakras so that you can maximize your potential and realize your goals.
  • Become aware of what stands in your way of greater health.
  • Make the best possible decisions in all areas of your life, as your chakras communicate more accurate mental, causal, and emotional information to your higher intelligence.
  • Increase the harmony in all aspects of your life, as your chakras become more in tune with each other.
  • Realize a greater sense of the true expansiveness of your being.
  • Restore individual chakras, which may have been damaged in some way from trauma, illness, or injury.

The Chakra Guardian bracelet consists of Tanzanite, White Beryl, and Blue Sapphire. This combination of gemstones has a unique affinity for the chakras and has a healing, vitalizing, and restorative influence on them. Chakras are important energetic anatomy and influence every aspect of our lives.

Read more about Chakra Guardian on our Chakra Guardian necklace page .

Benefits of Wearing Chakra Guardian

Improved overall health and vitality
Good chakra health is a key factor in physical health. By enhancing chakra vitality, your own sense of health and well-being can also improve.

Enhanced awareness of your chakras
By wearing Chakra Guardian, your awareness of your chakras will unfold. This awareness leads to personal empowerment. You’ll become more attuned to what circumstances in your life affect your chakra centers and how. You may begin to feel and sense which of your experiences weaken a chakra vortex and which ones strengthen them.

In addition, you can get to know the chakras that are above and below your physical body. These are your eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh chakras. As you wear the necklace, contemplate the role these chakras play in your life, and how you might expand their influence.

Normalization of life experiences that cause chakra imbalances
Once you realize which experiences weaken your chakras, you can take steps to avoid or alter these experiences. When you wear Chakra Guardian, however, many of the changes needed to balance your chakras will occur naturally. One of the duties of a guardian is to protect. Chakra Guardian protects your chakras by helping your aura to deflect experiences that might weaken them.

Development of your chakra system
Ideally, every chakra has roots that reach into the central chakra channel to receive nourishment. This nourishment is a special mixture of heaven and earth energy that the central chakra channel receives from above and below. While you wear this necklace, your central chakra channel continues to strengthen, allowing an increasing amount of earth and heaven energy to enter it. Furthermore, the necklace’s energies encourage a more ideal mix of this earth and heaven energy to specifically provide what each chakra needs. A properly fed chakra allows the chakra’s intelligence center to regulate the chakra’s spin, electrical vitality, and all seven criteria that define chakra health.

Meanwhile, underactive chakras will awaken and overactive ones relax. New chakra roots will begin to grow into the central chakra channel to convey additional nourishment to the chakras for optimal function.

What does it mean when the heart chakra feels closed?

Technically, a chakra cannot open or close, but its spin can slow to a standstill, and its vortex can collapse and cave in. When this occurs, it can feel as though your heart is closed. An open heart is usually associated with a chakra vortex that is spinning well, and in a classic vortex shape that extends well into the aura.

Benefits of Wearing Therapeutic Gemstone Bracelets

When you wear a healing gemstone bracelet, you focus its healing gemstone energies on the side of the body on which it is worn, particularly on that hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder.

Several acupuncture meridians run up and down your arm, which are bisected when you wear a bracelet. Gemstone bracelets can nourish and support these meridians and the organs and tissues associated with them. These meridians are: the Lung, Pericardium, Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Warmer, and Large Intestine.

The natural swinging movement of braceleted arms when walking brings the gemstone energies to your legs and lower back. The root and sacral chakras are vitalized, as well as the abdomen including the reproductive organs, intestines, and urinary bladder.  Plus, as you move your arm in the course of daily living, the gemstone energies are able to actively clear congestion and clouds of sluggish energies that may be present in your aura.

More Information

Tanzanite, also called blue zoisite, is a very rare gemstone that is mined in only one country in the world—Tanzania. It is predominately brown in its natural state and is heated at very high temperatures to bring out its blue-purple color. Heated Tanzanite is dichroic, meaning it can appear blue or purple depending on the orientation of the gem. Some Tanzanite gems become trichroic after heating, which means that you can see a third reddish color under certain lighting conditions.

The Chakra Guardian bracelet has one section of Blue Sapphire/White Beryl, and the Chakra Guardian necklace has seven–one for each body chakra. Wearing the necklace allows you to work on all chakras at once. Wearing the bracelet focuses on one chakra at a time.

Our therapeutic gemstone bracelets are made with the same therapeutic-quality* gems as our necklaces and earrings. Designs are based on our necklaces and offer the same benefits.

Bracelet comes with a wood button clasp unless special ordered otherwise.

Use an extender to add the length required to wear around your ankle.

Bracelet Availability
Our standard bracelet lengths are 7.25 and 8 inches (about 18.5 – 20 cm). Because of the variation of individuals’ wrist sizes, we gladly accept special orders. Bracelets can be made based on any of our necklace designs. To calculate your bracelet size, measure the exact circumference of your wrist. We will make your bracelet a little longer to fit. Your bracelet may stretch slightly with wear.

For inquiries regarding custom bracelets, please contact us. Call 877-4GEM-GEM (877-443-6436) or email

*Therapeutic-quality gemstones are authentic gemstones at the top of their class in color, clarity, brightness, and cut. Quality parameters vary for each individual gemstone, and we carefully select every bead to make sure you get the very best.

Bracelet Care
Rejuvenate your Chakra Guardian bracelet by spraying it with the Chakra Healer spray. Doing so is both cleansing and restorative. The Energy Clearing Spray can handle most of the unwanted energies the Chakra Guardian gems pick up. However, the chakras release a particular type of unwanted energy that is best addressed with the Chakra Healer Spray.

If the bracelet is used in a Gemstone Therapy session and applied to the chakras, both the Energy Clearing and Chakra Healer spray should be used to clear the bracelet between clients. This will both clear and neutralize any unique chakra energies that may have collected on the gemstones.

Cleanse your GEMFormulas’ bracelets as you would our necklaces, using the GEMFormulas’ Clearing Sprays . They should be cleansed daily.

Store bracelets with the clasp open, and spiraled if possible. Keep them with your gemstone necklaces or draped on a bracelet tree.

Bracelets made of softer gems like the Tanzanite in this Chakra Guardian bracelet require extra care. These gems can break or scratch easily so avoid wearing them when they might knock against desks or countertops. Tanzanite measures 6.5 on the Moh’s hardness scale. In comparison, Quartz is 7 and Sapphire is 9.

How to Work with Chakra Guardian

Chakra Guardian is a powerful therapy tool. It has a multitude of uses in Gemstone Therapy to help rebuild chakra systems and restore individual chakras. These techniques are taught to advanced Gemstone Therapy students. However, simply by wearing this bracelet, you are supporting, nourishing, and strengthening your chakras and chakra system.

You can support the work of the Chakra Guardian bracelet by using the Chakra Healer Spray on your chakras. Spray while holding the bottle against your body at the chakra center, aiming the mist directly away from your body. And/or, hold the bottle away from the chakra and spray directly toward your body. One or two squirts should be all that is needed. Follow this procedure daily for a week and you’ll be amazed how much your sense of well being can improve.

GEMFormulas bracelets can be used in a variety of ways besides wearing them around your wrist. They can be placed on the body as a poultice, used instead of necklaces in Gemstone Therapy procedures including self-therapies, and wrapped around a therapy wand to be applied in the aura.

You can wear a bracelet on the left or right wrist, and switch between sides as you wish. Wear as many bracelets as your body calls for. We used to suggest limiting the number to three, until we learned that some people require complex combinations of gemstone bracelets and necklaces to meet their particular needs.

Do you love bracelets? Try wrapping your gemstone necklaces around your wrist, for a multi-layered effect. You may need an extender to make them fit.

Bracelets are safe to wear when you sleep. While falling asleep, you can place the palm of the hand that has the bracelet around it over an area you want to work on. The gemstones will continue to support it for as long as your hand remains in that position.

Applying gemstones in the aura is an important part of Gemstone Therapy. Common gemstone therapy movements can easily be replicated with a bracelet on the wrist, simply by moving your arm in circles or in other ways.

Correcting Chakra Back Door Leaks (Self-Therapy)

Correcting Chakra Back Door Leaks (Client Therapy)

I was first introduced to the Chakra Guardian’s gemstone combination in the remote Diamond and Gemstone Therapy sessions that I give. The gems came up every time I worked on the central chakra channel, and this usually occurred at some point during almost every session. My clients’ chakras needed the support that only a healthy central chakra channel could provide.

Tanzanite energy would come in first all along the spine. The warmth inherent in this heat-treated gemstone seemed to help melt blockages and soften the energetic tissue that forms the border of the channel’s columnar shape.

White Beryl and Blue Sapphire energy would then come in and the central channel would grow stronger in its structural integrity, more regular in its columnar shape, and earth and heaven energies would flow more freely into the channel. These energies would then mix in some alchemical way behind each chakra center, designing a recipe of energy that would uniquely and perfectly nourish each chakra.

One day, I enjoyed a visit from the Guardian of Tanzanite. To me, he appeared slight in height and build. His head was covered in a small turban that held a stunning deep blue Tanzanite in the front of it. No doubt he would be considered a type-A personality, as his movements and thoughts were quick and definite. He exuded excitement for life and passion for his role in supporting chakras and earth vortexes. He began by sharing a discourse on the central chakra channel and the 12 chakras, which you can read via the Gemstone Therapy Institute, under “Energetic Anatomy.”

In another meeting, he helped me design a gemstone mandala (to make the Chakra Healer Spray) that incorporated 11 of my largest Tanzanite gems, some weighing up to 2 carats each. The spray could be used not only to restore chakra health, but also to help the body accept the benefits of the Chakra Guardian necklace.

He explained that a person’s chakras must be relatively healthy before that individual can be comfortable wearing Chakra Guardian for any length of time. At this point, the necklace can help fine-tune his or her chakras for an even greater experience of life-giving energy. Until then, the Chakra Healer Spray can prepare you to get the most from the necklace.

To demonstrate how the Chakra Healer Spray could do this, we traveled to an inner world library, and into a special room that projected interactive holographic images.

He called up the records of a Gemstone Therapy client wearing Chakra Guardian. The person appeared on a therapy table. Then his chakra vortexes appeared, as though we were watching an animation of them. We could actually see the disharmony from 2 or 3 chakras arise as a gray cloud inside the chakra vortexes. Misshapen vortexes also became apparent as well as other chakra structural anomalies.

He said, “At this point, the necklace is stirring up too much information about the disturbances and anomalies in this client’s chakras. The necklace could become out of balance if we had no other tools to offer, and did not know the advanced chakra treatment techniques.”

The hologram showed the Tanzanite Guardian giving the client the Chakra Healer mandala (which can be applied by using the Chakra Healer Spray.) Color rays immediately appeared at every one of the client’s chakras. The colors worked on the chakras like the hands of a chiropractor giving an adjustment to vertebra. The colors held, supported, pressed, un-torqued, and released the vortexes’ structural anomalies.

The Guardian offered the client a series of “doses” of the Chakra Healer mandala, the spacing of which I’m sure could be easily determined by a Gemstone Therapy practitioner, or anyone using an answer-receiving technique.

When the treatment was over, the chakras were bright with color, flowing to the best of their capabilities, and substantially free of the burdens they had originally carried. The Guardian removed the necklace from the client and gave another “dose” of Chakra Healer. Energetically, the client looked incredibly better than he did when we started, and I couldn’t wait to try this therapy on myself.

The Tanzanite Guardian said, “The Chakra Guardian is a therapy necklace. It is designed to be used clinically. To cleanse the necklace between clients, use the Energy Clearing spray and then the Chakra Healer spray to neutralize any chakra energies that may have collected on the necklace.

“Gemstone Therapy clients can support the work of the Chakra Guardian necklace by daily spraying the Chakra Healer Spray into the chakras. Spray once while holding the bottle against your body at the chakra center, aiming the mist directly away from your body. And/or, hold the bottle away from the chakra and spray directly toward your body.”


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