GEMFormulas® Emerald Spray :: Abundance

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Helps you see life as plentiful. Strengthens individuality and supports autonomy. Helps you realize your specialness in the universe. Helps you learn how to avoid disharmony in your life and correct its cause.

    2 oz. ($24.95)

Emerald is the carrier of the Green Color Ray.

Color-ray-bearing gemstones provide essential nourishment that can quell the depletion that underlies most illness and unwellness. Color rays are nourishing, uplifting, vitalizing, clearing, and expanding. Utilizing the energies of color-ray-bearing gemstones can shift your awareness into new arenas of experience and influence.

The Green Color Ray vitalizes the heart chakra, which is a center and source of intelligence, wisdom, and love. It has an affinity with the brain, visceral organs (especially the liver), and supports cellular autonomy.

Emerald Spray:
– Helps you see life as plentiful.
– Strengthens individuality and supports autonomy.
– Helps you realize your specialness in the universe.
– Helps you learn how to avoid disharmony in your life and corrects its cause.
– Nourishes the heart chakra

GEMFormulas’ aura sprays are made from therapeutic gemstones configured in certain patterns (we call Gemandalas) to provide specific healing benefits. These patterns were designed using principles of Gemstone Therapy and sacred geometry and numerology. They are illustrated on each bottle label. The precise arrangement of therapeutic-quality gemstones creates the energy field that is imprinted into GEMFormulas’ sprays.

Emerald Spray is infused with the healing energies of the following gemstones: Emerald and White Beryl.

Ingredients: Purified water and organic grape alcohol.

The graphic below portrays the gemstone mandala used to make this aura spray:

To Use: Spray overhead, and let the mist rain down upon you, 3-5 times per day.

When To Apply:
– When you wake up in the morning to help you start your day.
– When you need to get mentally clear about something.
– During lunch break, or on your way home from work, to help keep you at your best during the day.
– When you need quick support to meet a challenge.
– Whenever you feel stressed or pressured.
– Before bed, to help you sleep better and have clearer dreams.
– To prepare yourself to receive a Gemstone Therapy session.

1. Take a moment to center yourself.
2. Intuitively apply the spray overhead, or to those chakras that seem to call for it, or specific body locations or target areas, or specific vectors in your aura. Remember, you can spray toward your body or away from it.

Although it may seem to an observer that you are applying the spray randomly, you are actually inviting your higher intelligence and engaging your intuition to determine exact spray locations. Also, the more accurately you position the spray nozzle into (or away from) these locations, the more effective the spray will be.

Note Regarding Spray Bottle Position:

Spray In: This means to hold the bottle at arm’s length directly over or above a target area or chakra to be treated, and spray toward that taste area’s or chakra’s location on your body. Spraying In clears the area’s intelligence center.

Spray Out: This means to hold the bottle of spray at the target area or chakra, point it directly away from the body, and spray out into your aura. This will clear accumulated energy from the aura itself.

Spray Overhead: Simply move the spray bottle over your head and spray out.

2 reviews for GEMFormulas® Emerald Spray :: Abundance

  1. 5 out of 5


    Physically I was feeling depleted and lacked the energy to get out of bed in the mornings. After using the Emerald spray life has become easier because I’m able to be more active. I’m very grateful.

  2. 5 out of 5


    When I first started working with the color ray sprays, I would start with the red ray and work my way down. At the time, I lacked physical energy, but walked daily. I often dragged myself through the walk, forcing myself to keep going. I recall that no matter what color ray spray I was using at the moment, I was always peeking over at the green ray spray AKA Emerald Spray! Green is my main ray so that could be why ! was so attracted to it. On the days I used the sprays I always felt stronger and more energetic. I always attributed that that to the Emerald Spray. I love the green ray!

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