GEMFormulas® Extra Strength Energy Clearing Spray

GEMFormulas® Extra Strength Energy Clearing Spray


Extra Strength Energy Clearing Spray is ideal for clearing particularly stuck, pervasive, or negative unwanted energies in the body and aura. It is ideal for clearing unwanted energies that can collect in rooms, cars, closets, and under beds and treatment tables.

    2 oz. ($34.95)

Use Extra Strength Energy Clearing spray in a room or office when:

  • Arguments often take place there.
  • It’s been the location of injury, violence, or a traumatic event.
  • The room feels uncomfortable for no apparent reason.
  • Its the room where someone often has nightmares when sleeping there.
  • The room has a funny odor that you cannot identify.

And when you want to uplift the vibrations in the space because:

  • You want to enhance the mood in the room.
  • Someone who is ill spends a lot of time there.
  • The person who sleeps there is often restless at night.
  • You want to sell the home…or you’ve just bought it.
  • It’s your home and you want to take care of it so that it can take care of you.

Physical Ingredients:
Purified water, gemstone-infused organic grape alcohol.

This product has been imprinted with the energies of the following gemstones:
White Beryl
Rose Quartz
1.33 ct. “Sparkler” Diamond

Use this spray thoughtfully, carefully, and sparingly. For all applications: spray once, wait, observe, and spray again as necessary.

To clear yourself: Spray once overhead and then at desired areas of your body and aura.

To clear rooms: Spray once into each corner as well as in the center.

To clear gemstones: Use as you would regular Energy Clearing spray. Use sparingly.

To clear unwanted energies associated with a particular challenge in your life:

1. Select a therapeutic-quality gemstone necklace (or necklace combination), whose support can help you with a particular challenge or help you take the next step toward greater health and wellness that you want to take.

2. Wear this necklace for three days. You may use the regular or Extra Strength Energy Clearing Spray to cleanse the necklace daily.

3. By the fourth day, the gemstone energies should have given your body and aura enough support and nourishment that you are ready to release a significant amount of unwanted energies associated with your challenge.

4. While wearing the necklace, hold the bottle of Extra Strength Energy Clearing above your head, spray upward. As the mist rains down upon you, ask your body to let go the old, unwanted energies that are holding you back. Imagine these energies picked up by the droplets of spray and dissipated.

5. Hold the bottle away from your body and spray toward yourself, directing the mist at an area that is associated with your challenge, either directly or intuitively.

Pause and then repeat Steps 4 and 5 if you feel it would be helpful.

On a trip to New York City in October, 2015, to find Therapy Diamonds, we were blessed to find a relatively large 1.33 carat 7-color-ray diamond with a special quality we call “sparkler.” While Therapy Diamonds can pour color rays into your body and being, sparklers project the color rays somewhat like fireworks.

Usually, I get guidance for the company’s projects and direction at night, when I’m ready for bed. During the day, I handle the manifestation of my dreams and visions. You can imagine how surprised I was to be sitting at my desk, and suddenly having a full visual experience of our Energy Clearing gemstone spray made using this larger diamond.

The image of the gemstone mandala filled my vision–in multiple dimensions. I could feel its energy. Furthermore, I could hear the inner message “make it as an experiment—to see how it will be received.” The advice came from the Healing Council, a group of inner-world beings who has directed my work with therapeutic diamonds and gemstones from the start.

In 2009, when I first brought out Energy Clearing Spray, they suggested I make various strengths to test which one would work the best for the greatest audience. We can vary the strength of a formula by how we run it through our Gemstone Energy Field Imprinting device and by the percentage of water we add to the gem-infused organic grape alcohol. The Council felt we should not choose the strongest version. The consensus was that we should use a strength that could allow clearing to occur in balance.

In 2014, we improved the spray by replacing the quarter-carat Therapy Diamond I had originally used with a 1.00 carat Therapy Diamond. With this diamond, I felt the Energy Clearing spray had met its potential as it had been originally intended.

With the 1.33 carat sparkler diamond, we had an opportunity to experiment with something much different.

Karie-anne laid the gemstones in the Energy Clearing mandala and placed the 1.33ct sparkler in the center. The gemstones surrounding it now looked puny beside it so we replaced them with larger, higher-quality spheres. The energy projected by the mandala now matched that of my inner experience. We couldn’t wait to run the mandala through our Gemstone Energy Field Imprinting device, and make our first aura spray of its kind. We again experimented with different strengths and decided on one.

We found the new Extra Strength Energy Clearing Spray to be decidedly stronger—to the point of being too strong if used excessively. It’s like using the rough side of the sponge when the softer side (regular strength) is better. On some surfaces a sponge’s rough side can scratch. Similarly, the Extra Strength Energy Clearing can irritate the aura, while it is the ideal clearing spray for homes. This spray clears rooms and gemstones remarkably quickly.

To clear the body and aura we found we needed less and learned it was a good idea to pause between squirts to decide if another was really necessary. With gemstone necklace support, the clearing it initiated worked far more deeply and specifically, as guided by the focus of the gemstones chosen.

The Extra Strength Energy Clearing Spray may not be the best choice for everyone. Our standard Energy Clearing Spray would better serve those who enjoy daily clearings and who are not also working with gemstone necklaces.

A principle of Gemstone Therapy is “nourish first, then clear.” Here’s why:
While the gemstones in the Energy Clearing mandala are also nourishing individually, when placed in the Energy Clearing mandala arrangement, their focus is on clearing first and foremost.

The body is most likely to attract unwanted energies when it is depleted. In this case, it also has the least amount of strength to get rid of these energies and keep itself clear. With gemstone energy nourishment, the body has the strength to claim its own energetic space and expel unwanted energies. Since the Extra Strength Energy Clearing Spray clears more than it nourishes, you would be better served by wearing a gemstone necklace to supply the nourishment. Then the clearing provided by the spray will be deeper and more focused.


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