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This gemstone formula consists of Golden Beryl, Spessarite, and Light Green Aventurine. Its purpose is to nourish and vitalize the causal (memory/karmic) body to improve your ability to discover seed causes of present conditions. Helps loosen patterns behind the habits you want to change, eases the strain of family karma, and gives you greater insight into your past, present, and future.

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3A-Quality Dark Golden Beryl ($28 per carat)

    7" Bracelet (16.6 cts. Golden Beryl, 3.8 cts. Spessartite) ($687.00)

    7.5" Bracelet (27.7 cts. Golden Beryl, 3.8 cts. Spessartite) ($1,334.00)

    7.5" Bracelet (31.9 cts. Golden Beryl, 9 cts. Spessartite) ($1,762.00)

    8" Bracelet (29.1 cts. Golden Beryl, 6.6 cts. Spessartite) ($1,177.00)

3A-Quality Light Golden Beryl ($28 per carat)

    8" Bracelet (21.55 cts. Golden Beryl, 2.15 cts. Spessartite) ($791.00)

    8" Bracelet (22.6 cts. Golden Beryl, 3.5 cts. Spessartite) ($890.00)

    8" Bracelet (25.8 cts. Golden Beryl, 3.3 cts. Spessartite) ($976.00)

4A-Quality Light Golden Beryl ($40 per carat)

    7" Bracelet (19.2 cts. Golden Beryl, 4.1 cts. Spessartite) ($1,009.00)

    7.5" Bracelet (25.3 cts. Golden Beryl, 6.8 cts. Spessartite) ($1,641.00)

    8" Bracelet (27.1 cts. Golden Beryl, 4.9 cts. Spessartite) ($1,356.00)

The Benefits of Wearing Therapeutic Gemstone Bracelets

Golden Eagle Can Help You:

  • Help you improve your short- and long-term memory.
  • Discover the seed causes of present conditions.
  • Become more aware of your time track, including your future.
  • Gain greater insight into time and space.
  • Rewrite past experiences to heal present conditions.
  • Loosen the patterns that govern the habits you want to change.
  • Improve mental organization.
  • Improve the heart-mind connection.
  • Gain a greater understanding of cycles and how they affect your life today.
  • Ease the strain of family karma.

The Golden Eagle formula consists of Golden Beryl, Spessartite, and Light Green Aventurine. These three gems work together to nourish your memory to sooth painful memories of the past and to improve memory in the present.

When you wear the Golden Eagle bracelet, the gemstone energies focus on past experiences relating to whichever arm is wearing the bracelet. This includes your hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Furthermore, when you wear the Golden Eagle bracelet on your right wrist, you can access and highlight past experiences influencing the entire right side of your body (and vice versa for your left wrist and left side of your body).

Likewise, a Golden Eagle anklet worn on the right leg would focus on past experiences relating to that leg (including foot, ankle, knee, and hip), and vice versa for the left leg.

Also see the Golden Eagle Necklace.

Benefits of Wearing Therapeutic Gemstone Bracelets
When you wear a healing gemstone bracelet, you focus its healing gemstone energies on the side of the body on which it is worn, particularly on that hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder.

Several acupuncture meridians run up and down your arm, which are bisected when you wear a bracelet. Gemstone bracelets can nourish and support these meridians and the organs and tissues associated with them. These meridians are: the Lung, Pericardium, Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Warmer, and Large Intestine.

The natural swinging movement of braceleted arms when walking brings the gemstone energies to your legs and lower back. The root and sacral chakras are vitalized, as well as the abdomen including the reproductive organs, intestines, and urinary bladder.  Plus, as you move your arm in the course of daily living, the gemstone energies are able to actively clear congestion and clouds of sluggish energies that may be present in your aura.

More Information

Therapeutic-quality Parameters

Therapeutic-quality Golden Beryl color can range from a rich honey color to a pale yellow.

Golden Beryl is different than other gemstones in that its clarity parameters do not have to be as strict. The energy of the necklace will reach the causal body, no matter how many inclusions the necklace has. Of course, the fewer inclusions, the more powerful the necklace will be, but also the more precious. It should have no black or brown spots, but white inclusions and cracks are acceptable.


Golden Eagle necklace contains seven Spessartite gemstones to correspond with the seven chakra centers of the body. With these centers supported, you’ll be able to accept the influences of a well-nourished causal body more gracefully and with greater awareness.

Two Light Green Aventurine spheres appear on both sides of a Spessartite for a section totaling five gemstones. The number five occurs frequently in this formula, with knots every five Golden Beryl gemstones. Since the number five is associated with a healthy causal body, this numerology can help direct Golden Eagle’s energies to the causal body in a balanced way.

Our therapeutic gemstone bracelets are made with the same therapeutic-quality* gems as our necklaces and earrings. Designs are based on our necklaces and offer the same benefits.

Bracelet comes with a wood button clasp unless special ordered otherwise.

Use an extender to add the length required to wear around your ankle.

Bracelet Availability
Our standard bracelet lengths are 7.25 and 8 inches (about 18.5 – 20 cm). Because of the variation of individuals’ wrist sizes, we gladly accept special orders. Bracelets can be made based on any of our necklace designs. To calculate your bracelet size, measure the exact circumference of your wrist. We will make your bracelet a little longer to fit. Your bracelet may stretch slightly with wear.

For inquiries regarding custom bracelets, please contact us. Call 877-4GEM-GEM (877-443-6436) or email CustomerService@GEMFormulas.com.

*Therapeutic-quality gemstones are authentic gemstones at the top of their class in color, clarity, brightness, and cut. Quality parameters vary for each individual gemstone, and we carefully select every bead to make sure you get the very best.

Bracelet Care
Cleanse your GEMFormulas’ bracelets as you would our necklaces, using the GEMFormulas’ Clearing Sprays . They should be cleansed daily.

Store bracelets with the clasp open, and spiraled if possible. Keep them with your gemstone necklaces or draped on a bracelet tree.

Bracelets made of the softer gems like Blue-green Fluorite (Living River), Rhodocrosite (Loving Me), and Apatite (Core Four) require extra care. These gems can break or scratch easily so avoid wearing them when they might knock against desks or countertops.

GEMFormulas bracelets can be used in a variety of ways besides wearing them around your wrist. They can be placed on the body as a poultice, used instead of necklaces in Gemstone Therapy procedures including self-therapies, and wrapped around a therapy wand to be applied in the aura.

You can wear a bracelet on the left or right wrist, and switch between sides as you wish. Wear as many bracelets as your body calls for. We used to suggest limiting the number to three, until we learned that some people require complex combinations of gemstone bracelets and necklaces to meet their particular needs.

Do you love bracelets? Try wrapping your gemstone necklaces around your wrist, for a multi-layered effect. You may need an extender to make them fit.

Bracelets are safe to wear when you sleep. While falling asleep, you can place the palm of the hand that has the bracelet around it over an area you want to work on. The gemstones will continue to support it for as long as your hand remains in that position.

Applying gemstones in the aura is an important part of Gemstone Therapy. Common gemstone therapy movements can easily be replicated with a bracelet on the wrist, simply by moving your arm in circles or in other ways.

I am brought to a place on the causal plane that I’ve not been before, where the sound is particularly sweet. I am aware of a large, many-domed temple. I don’t perceive that I am going inside, but I tune in and suddenly start knowing information about beryl.

I hear laughter and realize it must be the Guardian of Beryl who is sharing this information. He confirms this, which somehow makes it easier for me to be more fully present in this causal world. I can see him before me. He has a borderline-square face, straight and short dark hair with long sideburns. The color of his skin shifts kaleidoscopically among the different colors of beryl. There is green for Emerald, pink for Morganite, golden for Golden Beryl, blue for Aquamarine, bright yellow for Heliodor, and white for White Beryl.

He adds, “There are also lavender, purple, red, and some other shades in between, but the colors that you first observed are the more common types of beryl.

“All beryl has a similar purpose and function,” he says. “This is to uplift and expand the vibrations of the level of human experience they are associated with. Green Emerald works for the physical body, pink Morganite for the emotional body, gold Beryl for the causal, blue Aquamarine for the mental body, and the purple, which is yet very rare, for the intuitive or subconscious body.

He continues, “So, when you wear Emerald, your physical vibrations are uplifted as the gemstone widens the vibratory span of your physical experience. In this process, toxins are neutralized, and a greater degree of health and vitality is restored. The same will occur in your emotional body when you wear Morganite, in your causal body when you wear Golden Beryl, and so forth.

“When the vibratory band of the physical or a subtle body begins to narrow, then illness, low energy, and various aches and pains can surface. To restore the body to its healthy potential, you must literally create the space for that healthy state to exist. It cannot exist if the vibrations that your physical body expresses are in a band that’s too limited. So by wearing Emerald, for example, your physical vibratory band increases, and you are able to express greater health and vitality.”

The guardian now spoke more specifically about Golden Beryl. “This gemstone works with the causal body. When the band of vibrations in this body is reduced, we have trouble remembering things. Our sense of time and the relationship between cause and effect can become harder to see,” he says.

“People have little access to their causal bodies other than using them to remember where they put the car keys, what they are supposed to do today, and other random facts. When you wear Golden Beryl and your attention expands into a greater vibratory band of causal reality, you will get to understand and experience more of what the causal plane has to offer. This includes the retrieval of memories from your past as well as your future (and understanding how that is possible and the benefits it can provide).

“More adventurous individuals might be curious about their past lives, or might be interested in studying time and contemplating its mysteries, but these only scratch the surface of what a well-developed causal body can offer.”

I was curious what abilities might be available to someone with a well-developed causal body. Of course, he could read my thoughts, and replies.

“When you wear Golden Beryl you are declaring your interest in expanding the health of your causal body so that you can access its resources. One of these resources is time and the perception of time. Have you ever felt as though an experience lasted a lot longer, as though time slowed down, while other experiences, usually enjoyable ones, flash by quickly?” he asks.

The guardian went on, stating, “This is an example of the perception of time.

“With a well-developed causal body you can slow down or speed up the perception of time as you desire. The only law is that you must contract and expand time in equal measure. So if one day you compress time to get through an experience more quickly, then the next day you have to balance that by expanding time to get through another experience more slowly. But each can be to your advantage. Speed up time to reach an enjoyable experience more quickly. Slow it down to enjoy that experience.”

I ask, “Can a person really have that kind of control over their life experience?”

“Why not?”

I could feel the excuse of unworthiness erupting from an orthodox religious upbringing.

He replies gently, “Are you aware that self-mastery includes having control of your emotions and mind?”


“Then why not command your causal reality as well?”

It made perfect sense.

He continues, “At first this exercise of time perception will seem like a series of coincidences, but as you get more accustomed to it, your causal body will develop its relationship with your mind. You will then be able to measure these experiences more effectively, conduct them with more conscious awareness, and realize they are not coincidence at all. You are actually able to orchestrate time in your life.

“Another causal body resource is an expansion of your awareness beyond what is commonly understood about time. This limited perspective is that time progresses linearly, and that it starts in the past and ends in the future.

“When you realize that time is not linear, you can take greater command of your experiences. Effect always follows cause. However if time isn’t linear, then you can go back or forward and alter the effects by changing the causes. I will give you an example of one way to use this resource.

“Let’s say you would like to heal a certain condition that you know is the effect of an action you initiated at some point in the past. Even if you are not fully aware of what that causative action was, you can change it based on what you’ve learned since.

“Start by conceptualizing and feeling the state of consciousness that you are in today, which includes all the lessons you have learned up until this moment. Now superimpose who you are today upon the causative action. Today, you wouldn’t make the same choices you did back then. By overwriting the past with the present, the past changes.

“You can also move your consciousness of today backwards along the time track to uplift the actions that you did in the past…actions that you would not have done given the consciousness you have today. This is a more complete cleansing of the time track.

“As a result of these exercises, you’ll initiate a wave that will reach from the rewritten past forward to the present. Easily, the energetic fabric adjusts, but the physical tissue can take some time to change—unless, of course, you can take command of time.”

“These skills seem a bit miraculous,” I say.

“But they are routine for a well-developed causal body.”

He adds, “Another approach is to collapse the future into the present, and then imprint your present into the past. Or, you could even imprint your future into the past.

“As you wear Golden Eagle and practice editing your time track, your mind might object to the reality of it, and that’s to be expected. You may start disbelieving some of the dreams, lucid experiences, or glimpses of knowing that come your way while wearing this necklace. If this occurs, either set aside the necklace for a day or so, or continue wearing it without pressuring yourself to unravel these mysteries. Just live your life day to day as well as you can.”

He assures me that anyone can get to know their causal abilities as well as we know our emotions and mind.

“When a child reaches a certain stage of flexibility, strength, and coordination, she gets up off her knees and begins to walk. This usually occurs before age 2. But you can develop your causal body at any age.”

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    When I put Golden Eagle on it feels like things come together to function more smoothly and everything is a little brighter. It is a favorite to wear to work because, for me, it seems to prevent or deflect a lot of coworker griping.

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