Golden Eagle Gemandala™ Pack

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Nourish and vitalize the causal (memory/karmic) body to improve your ability to discover seed causes of present conditions. Helps loosen patterns behind the habits you want to change, eases the strain of family karma, and gives you greater insight into your past, present, and future.

The Golden Eagle gemandala consists of Light Green Aventurine as the central gemstone surrounded by five Spessartite. These are surrounded by five Golden Beryl.

Therapy Rod and beeswax sold separately.

The Benefits of this Product

Golden Eagle is a member of the Aura-Nourishing Gemandala collection. Details on the benefits of Golden Eagle can be found here .

1 review for Golden Eagle Gemandala™ Pack

  1. 5 out of 5


    I had some serious causal level stuff surfacing – including the annoyance of getting bad advice based on ” you cant ever change these patterns, thats just the way it is”. None of the necklaces resonnated with me so I bought the mini gemmandala. I used it in a somatic experiencing session with a practicioner who helped me recall trauma when I was 4, by placing it beside me on a crystal cluster. As I took back a fragmented part of myself, I could see myself growing up with this aspect and I could see my whole timeline changing. Certain experiences related to perpetuation of the damage done when I was 4, were no longer able to coincide with my timeline and they fell away. During the session I also wore Opalite – GB and some other necklaces directly related to this particular issue for me personally.

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