Rhyolite & Gray Moonstone Necklace

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Vitalizes eliminatory functions, encourages detoxification, and supports the release of unwanted energies. Helps you let go toxic or unwanted situations, relationships, emotions, thoughts, and memories.

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3A-Quality Rhyolite

    8mm - 17" Necklace (4.0 cts. Gray Moonstone) ($213.00)

    8mm - 24" Necklace (2.7 cts. Gray Moonstone) ($215.00)

    8mm - 27" Necklace (3.7 cts. Gray Moonstone) ($240.00)

    8mm - 20" Necklace (4.6 cts. Gray Moonstone) ($247.00)

    8mm - 20" Necklace (4.9 cts. Gray Moonstone) ($254.00)

    10mm - 20" Necklace (5.9 cts. Gray Moonstone) ($318.00)

    10mm - 20" Necklace (7.5 cts. Gray Moonstone) ($350.00)

    10mm - 24" Necklace (5.4 cts. Gray Moonstone) ($351.00)

4A-Quality Rhyolite

    8mm - 17" Necklace (2.7 cts. Gray Moonstone) ($246.00)

    8mm - 17" Necklace (3.5 cts. Gray Moonstone) ($266.00)

    8mm - 20" Necklace (3.5 cts. Gray Moonstone) ($285.00)

    8mm 24" Necklacae (3.71 cts. Gray Moonstone) ($323.00)

    8mm 27" Necklace (3.72 cts. Gray Moonstone) ($346.00)

    10mm - 20" Necklace (5.85 cts. Gray Moonstone) ($511.00)

    10mm - 24" Necklace (6.2 cts. Gray Moonstone) ($607.00)

    10mm - 27" Necklace (8.0 cts. Gray Moonstone) ($680.00)

5A-Quality Rhyolite

    8mm -18" Necklace (5.5 cts. Gray Moonstone) ($380.00)

    10mm - 20" Necklace (5.1 cts. Gray Moonstone) ($664.00)

    10mm - 24" Necklace (6.2 cts. Gray Moonstone) ($729.00)

Use Rhyolite / Gray Moonstone When:

  • You want to support normal eliminatory processes throughout the body.
  • You want to encourage healthy cyclical activity in eliminatory organs.
  • Eliminatory function has become sluggish and the body is collecting more than it is releasing.
  • You recognize a need to let go of accumulated clutter.
  • You want help letting go toxic or unwanted situations or relationships.
  • You have unwanted emotions, memories, and thoughts that you want to let go of.

Therapeutic Rhyolite energy helps the body identify, sort out, and release unwanted energies. This gemstone works with all the eliminatory organs including the intestines, lungs, and skin. Rhyolite naturally identifies unwanted energies because of its affinity with the eliminatory system.

The process of eliminating unwanted energies relies on a rhythm of two parts: first rest and collect, and then release and let go. This rhythm continues and increases in intensity as Rhyolite / Gray Moonstone is worn.

Rhyolite’s ability to draw out unwanted energies with a magnetic-like attraction occurs as it activates the supraphysical aura. This energetic layer that immediately surrounds the body receives all that the physical body lets go. Once the supraphysical receives something the physical has released, it immediately transfers it out into the environment, where it dissipates. The supraphysical is essential to eliminatory function. While the body works to release, the supraphysical must work to receive. This effort to gather up manifests as a magnetic-like attraction.

Symbiotic Gray Moonstone
Gray Moonstone is a close cousin of White Flash Moonstone, and both have a strong affinity with the supraphysical aura. Besides drawing out unwanted energies, the supraphysical aura also enhances communication throughout the body, provides protection, lubricates, and hydrates.

White Flash Moonstone and Gray Moonstone Compared
White Flash Moonstone enhances all the benefits of the supraphysical aura, emphasizing its support for one benefit or another depending on the body’s needs. To do this, White Flash Moonstone’s color can range from pure white to light gray. If the color darkens beyond a certain point—when the benefits of the gem become more about drawing-out than anything else—then the stone is classified as Gray Moonstone.  In other words, the darker the shade of Moonstone’s gray color, the stronger the drawing out capability is, and the less supportive the gem will be for other supraphysical functions.

How Gray Moonstone Supports Rhyolite
Rhyolite and Gray Moonstone both have a magnetic-like drawing-out quality, and both support the body’s ability to release what it does not want. However, Rhyolite’s energy tends to focus on the physical body and its cells and tissues, while Gray Moonstone acts on the subtle bodies, including emotions, memories, and thoughts.

Since unwanted energies in the body usually involve emotions, memories, and thoughts, adding Gray Moonstone to Rhyolite gives the necklace a wider reach and a more productive potential.

Therapeutic-quality Rhyolite
Rhyolite is formed through volcanic activity and comes in a range of colors from green to brown. Therapeutic-quality Rhyolite spheres are opaque and predominately green—in many shades of that color. The gems should also have patches of cream, tan, white, brown, and rust. Some spheres may contain a bit of clear to grayish chalcedony, which is somewhat translucent. Color grading depends on the amount of green in the necklace. The more overall green and variegated the Rhyolite beads are, the better.

Therapeutic-Quality Gray Moonstone
Gray Moonstone’s color can range from a medium gray (considered 3A color-quality) to a medium-dark gray (4A) to dark gray (5A) to nearly black (6A). The gem is usually cut into rondels and should have a distinct white flash, or adularescence. It should have minimal inclusions if any at all, and be free of black spots or flecks.

The Rhyolite / Gray Moonstone necklace is based primarily on odd numbers. In gemstone therapy odd numbers support change, while even numbers support stability.

The front of the necklace, between the two sections of Gray Moonstone, you’ll find 15 spheres (custom-length necklaces may have a different odd number). The number of gems in the front of a necklace contributes significantly to the necklace’s numerological value.

The number of beads between the symbiotes and the clasp has a far less significant numerological contribution. In this necklace, we’ve chosen to use an even number of beads to provide a hint of stability while the releases are encouraged.

Necklaces have a total of 8 Gray Moonstone. This even number also supports personal evolution. This is the fundamental purpose of the changes required in letting go. We let go in order to become who we are. In the Rhyolite Guardian’s words, “You are more of who you really are when you let go of that which you are not.”

Eliminatory Organs: Physical and Energetic
Most people consider the eliminatory system to be limited to the intestines and bowels. It’s much more than that. Here are five players in healthy eliminatory function.

Large intestine
A healthy large intestine understands the concept of symbiotic relationship, which is also an underlying principle of gemstone therapy. Hundreds of different types of bacteria naturally live inside the large intestine. They process undigested food and produce vitamins to nourish the body.

Waste material derived from the food we’ve eaten moves through the large intestine through a rhythmic process called “peristalsis.” Rhyolite energy normalizes the collection and release of waste in harmony with this rhythm.

The lungs release unwanted carbon dioxide, which forms as a result of natural body function, and replaces it with life-giving oxygen. The carbon dioxide is released on the exhale and oxygen is taken up on the inhale. Here again we have a rhythm. Rhyolite energy optimizes the use of this rhythm so that the gaseous exchange is as efficient as possible.

The skin excretes a significant percentage of wastes from the body. Its rhythm of release is not physically apparent. Nonetheless, the body is regularly collecting wastes and channeling them toward the skin for eventual release. Rhyolite eases this process.

Root chakra
The root chakra, or first chakra, has two positions. At night or during periods of rest, the root chakra vortex should point downward in order to release unwanted energies into the Earth and exchange them for life-giving energies. In the morning, when we get on with life, the root chakra vortex points forward. In this position, the energies it has acquired from the Earth help us move forward on our life path with vivacity and determination.

The root chakra’s movement between downward and forward positions occurs on a hinge. When the hinge is weakened or blocked, the chakra can get stuck at a 45-degree angle, where it becomes ineffective.

Rhyolite energy restores and normalizes the hinge’s function so that the chakra can clearly position itself either downward or forward. A daily cycle is at play here, with the root chakra being down at night, and forward during the day. Rhyolite strengthens the flow of unwanted energy moving down the root chakra vortex into the Earth, and in response to that, the flow of life-giving energy coming up from the ground and into our bodies also improves.

Supraphysical Aura
Elimination is one of several responsibilities of the supra-physical aura. When you wear Rhyolite / Gray Moonstone, the gems prompt the supraphysical to give more attention to its eliminatory processes. If they’ve been out of balance, they become more normalized. If they have been neglected or depleted, they are nourished.

The supraphysical aura should naturally receive the unwanted energies that the body releases. Ideally, this process becomes like the regular chore of taking out the trash, so that the house stays clean and clutter-free.

Our necklaces comprise all the innovations in gemstone necklace therapy, to ensure you have the most effective healing tools available.

  • Our gemstones are natural and therapeutic-quality, which means they are at the top of their class in color, clarity, and brightness. Although quality parameters vary for each individual gemstone, we carefully select every bead to make sure you get the very best.
  • We use spheres and rondels because they radiate the gemstones’ energies throughout the wearer’s body and aura.
  • All our necklaces are strung with a symbiotic gemstone that can catalyze, support, or strengthen the work of the primary gem. The difference between necklaces that contain only one type of stone and those strung with their partners is extraordinary. Not only are symbiotic necklaces more beautiful and feel better energetically, they also work more effectively and efficiently. A primary gem and its symbiotic encourage healthy relationships and can help balance the forces of yin and yang throughout your body and being.
  • All necklaces have a clasp, which we feel is essential. Clasps allow necklaces to breathe. When you open a clasp, the gems release a significant amount of unwanted energies they collected during use. With a clasp, you can arrange the necklace in a spiral during storage so that the gems can regenerate themselves. In addition, clasps make it possible to wrap gems around a therapy wand to apply in the aura, or lay them across your body for an easy and restful self-therapy.
  • We string using nylon thread. Nylon is strong, doesn’t fray or stretch like other threads, and is made of a simple chain of molecules. Nylon energy has a negligible effect on a therapeutic necklace.

For inquiries regarding custom necklaces or bracelets, please call 877-4GEM-GEM (877-443-6436) or email us at CustomerService@GEMFormulas.com.

Special Cleansing Instructions for Rhyolite/Gray Moonstone
Because of Rhyolite/Gray Moonstone’s action on the eliminatory system, it is particularly important to cleanse these gemstones at least once a day, every day you wear it. If unwanted energies collect on the gemstones and you continue to wear them, your eliminatory processes can be impeded.

Cleansing Your Gemstones using Clearing Sprays
Therapeutic gemstones naturally accumulate unwanted energies when you wear them. These energies are what the gems help your body to release, or that they naturally pick up from their environment either during use or when stored. If your necklaces aren’t cleansed often enough or completely enough, unwanted energies build up. The gemstones’ therapeutic value will be limited and you’ll no longer feel drawn to wear them.

Gemstones must be regularly and thoroughly cleansed to be of the greatest benefit to the wearer. GEMFormulas’ Aura Sprays are superior for cleansing and rejuvenating gemstones. Click Here for instructions.

Storing Your Gemstones
Arrange your therapeutic gemstone necklaces and bracelets in a neat spiral with their clasp open. This orientation concentrates the gemstones’ energies and helps them rejuvenate themselves. Use a necklace tray to keep them organized. The tray also keeps the gemstone energies separated, which makes selecting the right necklace easier. Learn More.

Store your therapeutic gemstone jewelry away from sources of electromagnetic radiation, such as laptops, television sets, and cell phones.

Wearing therapeutic gemstone jewelry around your neck or on your wrist or ears is by far the easiest way to enjoy their healing benefits. Therapeutic gemstones may also be applied on the body as a poultice, or applied in the aura strung on a therapy wand.

How to Work with Rhyolite/Gray Moonstone

Every therapeutic necklace and its owner must find harmony in their relationship. After you introduce yourself to the necklace, how long to wear it and when? Answers can take time and experimentation. Eventually, your necklace becomes a co-worker and you get to know how your body responds to it. This is especially true for Rhyolite / Gray Moonstone.

For some people, this necklace will be one they will want to wear daily until they feel more normalized. Others will feel more comfortable wearing the necklace for short periods only, or just at night. If the elimination that the gems support is emotional, remove the necklace to slow down the intensity. But you may want to keep it nearby to wear again for additional support.

Foremost, allow yourself to become friends with the gemstones. Learn how they work for you personally, and turn to them when needed.

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    I find Rhyolite with Gray Moonstone a wonderful support for detoxification. I often wear it around which ever wrist is venting at the moment while I sleep and it calms things enough for to get some sleep.

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