White Beryl & Turquoise Bracelet (Therapy Strand)

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Strengthens your constitutional vitality, improves well-being by brightening vibrations, purifies with its uplifting white ray, and neutralizes and disperses negative and unwanted energies. Practitioners can wear this bracelet during sessions to maintain an open and free-flowing channel for healing energies to move through them.

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3A-Quality White Beryl Rondels, 4A Quality Turquoise

    7" Bracelet (11.6 cts. White Beryl, 4mm Turquoise) ($594.00)

    7" Bracelet (13.90 cts. White Beryl, 4mm Turquoise) ($675.00)

    7" Bracelet (25.2 cts. White Beryl, 4mm Turquoise) ($1,070.00)

    8" Bracelet (16.9 cts. White Beryl, 4mm Turquoise) ($791.00)

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    8" Bracelet (23.6 cts. White Beryl, 4mm Turquoise) ($854.00)

    8" Bracelet (23.7 cts. White Beryl, 4mm Turquoise) ($1,018.00)

    8" Bracelet (24.15 cts. White Beryl, 4mm Turquoise) ($1,045.00)

    8" Bracelet (46.4 cts. White Beryl, 6mm Turquoise) ($1,936.00)

3A-Quality White Beryl Rondels, 3A Quality Turquoise

    7" Bracelet (12.03 cts. White Beryl, 4mm Turquoise) ($530.00)

    7" Bracelet (16.5 cts. White Beryl, 4 mm Turquoise) ($686.00)

    7" Bracelet (39.65 cts. White Beryl, 6mm Turquoise) ($1,576.00)

    7.5" Bracelet (20 cts. White Beryl, 4mm Turquoise) ($808.00)

    7.5" Bracelet (29.4 cts. White Beryl, 6mm Turquoise) ($1,139.00)

    7.5" Bracelet (35.6 cts. White Beryl, 6mm Turquoise) ($1,356.00)

    7.5" Bracelet (53.50 cts White Beryl, 6mm Turquoise) ($2,061.00)

    8" Bracelet (11.64 cts. White Beryl, 4mm Turquoise) ($515.00)

The Benefits of Wearing Therapeutic Gemstone Bracelets

Benefits of Wearing White Beryl/Turquoise:

  • Strengthens your constitutional vitality.
  • White Beryl’s white light uplifts your vibrations to improve your feeling of well-being.
  • Supports greater clarity, focus, and mental alertness.
  • Purifies your body and aura with the uplifting white ray.
  • Neutralizes and disperses negative and unwanted energies.
  • Practitioners can wear this necklace during sessions to maintain an open and free-flowing channel for healing energies to move through them.

The White Beryl/Turquoise necklace (or bracelet/therapy strand) is a key tool for clearing unwanted energies during a Gemstone Therapy session, as well as for extracting negative energy anchors.

Both White Beryl and Turquoise purify and uplift, but White Beryl begins its work physically and Turquoise begins its work supraphysically. Both gems reach into the aura to expand their range of influence and easily ride upon each other’s currents. White Beryl uplifts by purifying vibrations and Turquoise uplifts by clearing low vibrations. With Turquoise, you can avoid some of the uncomfortable side effects (such as energy stagnation) that may occur if you wear White Beryl alone.

The Benefits of Wearing White Beryl and Turquoise

Uplifted Vibrations

Your entire being and every cell and organ vibrate with life. In general, the higher these vibrations, the healthier you will be. Likewise, lowered vibrations reflect stress, overwork, depletion, and disease. The white light that White Beryl carries naturally uplifts your vibrations, and the purifying effect of Turquoise helps to maintain them at that heightened level.

The white light uplifts the highest vibrations in the body first. This makes sense because then these vitalized areas can lend strength and support to the less healthy areas. With this support, these less healthy areas will be able to accept the white light more readily.

By wearing White Beryl regularly your overall vibrations will sing at a higher level and your constitutional strength should improve.

Vitalized Lymph

White Beryl’s white light raises the vibrations of cellular fluid and vitalizes it. When the lymph vessels take up this fluid it is called lymph, and it retains this new vitality, which then spreads throughout the lymphatic system. Turquoise lifts much of the burden of unwanted energies from these fluids, so they become less toxic and less of a burden to the immune system.

Restored Lymphatic Ducts

Lymph ducts are the tiny tubular ends of lymph vessels, which reach among the cells of all body tissues to uptake waste-filled fluid. These wastes are the result of cellular metabolism and can also include toxins and pathogens. White Beryl energy has an affinity with lymph vessels. It urges the restoration of ducts that may have retreated or shortened and are therefore not reaching the cells to pull out their wastewater. Meanwhile Turquoise energy, with its inherent tendency to absorb, encourages the ducts to draw in the cellular fluids, thus reducing the tendency for water retention that occurs if you use White Beryl by itself.

Enhanced Clarity

When your vibrations are lifted everything works better. You can think more clearly, the creative flow seems more lively and abundant, you’re less prone to being caught by negative emotions, and you are freer to make decisions that would let you step away from old, limiting patterns. White Beryl/Turquoise is an excellent combination to wear on those occasions when you need to perform at your best.

Improved Memory

When the vibrations of your causal aura are lifted, you’ll have better access to those memories you’re searching for. They’ll be more easily retrieved because of the white light’s clearing effect. White light naturally removes the energy accumulations that can hide or cloud these memories.

White Beryl

White Beryl is a member of the family that includes Emerald, Aquamarine, and Morganite. White Beryl is colorless. I call it “White” because it carries white light. This light purifies and uplifts vibrations with extraordinary efficiency.

White Beryl is symbiotic for many gemstones, including each of the color-ray-bearing gemstones. The white light it carries helps the color rays reach the body and assists in dissolving blockages that can cause stress or discomfort if we wear a color-ray necklace alone.

Symbiotic Turquoise

Turquoise today usually comes from either Arizona or China. It is a soft and porous gem and crumbles when cut unless it is stabilized. Many types of stabilizers are used. Some make the gem feel like plastic and render it non-therapeutic.

Certain top-quality Turquoise is either harder, requires less stabilization, or simply by virtue of its quality retains its therapeutic qualities. If you look at the physical vibrations of this Turquoise, you may notice that its energies seem clogged by the stabilizer. Yet, unlike the “plasticized” Turquoise, its supraphysical vibrations are untouched. Looking at these vibrations alone, you’d never know the physical stone itself was treated. Yet the therapeutic benefits of Turquoise on the aura are significant.

Turquoise purifies the aura by absorbing its lowest vibrations. Turquoise is sponge-like, and can pull into itself an enormous amount of unwanted energies. However, unlike a sponge, Turquoise doesn’t just hold these energies, but processes them. By the time incoming energies reach the center of the stone to then radiate outward again, they are changed, neutralized, and no longer a burden.

Each time you wear the White Beryl/Turquoise necklace, this purifying effect of Turquoise begins in the supraphysical aura and expands into the emotional and mental layers of the aura if the necklace is worn for at least a few hours.

By adding Turquoise to White Beryl, you can avoid some of the side effects of wearing White Beryl alone. Fluid retention, constipation, and cleansing reactions are less likely to occur with Turquoise strung in the necklace.

Benefits of Wearing Therapeutic Gemstone Bracelets
When you wear a healing gemstone bracelet, you focus its healing gemstone energies on the side of the body on which it is worn, particularly on that hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder.

Several acupuncture meridians run up and down your arm, which are bisected when you wear a bracelet. Gemstone bracelets can nourish and support these meridians and the organs and tissues associated with them. These meridians are: the Lung, Pericardium, Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Warmer, and Large Intestine.

The natural swinging movement of braceleted arms when walking brings the gemstone energies to your legs and lower back. The root and sacral chakras are vitalized, as well as the abdomen including the reproductive organs, intestines, and urinary bladder.  Plus, as you move your arm in the course of daily living, the gemstone energies are able to actively clear congestion and clouds of sluggish energies that may be present in your aura.

Therapeutic-Quality Parameters

White Beryl should be completely colorless. Turquoise should be a bright, even, turquoise blue.

Our White Beryl is top quality and most gems are flawless to the naked eye. Most Turquoise is cut with its matrix included in the sphere. This will reduce the therapeutic effectiveness of the gem. We select Turquoise spheres that are free of matrix.

White Beryl has an unusual brightness in certain lighting conditions. This is reflective of the white light it carries. The brightness of Turquoise, which is an opaque stone, is a function of how well it was polished after being cut.

White Beryl is typically cut into rondels and Turquoise into spheres.

The length of a White Beryl/Turquoise necklace can vary and depends on the wearer’s preference. Although shorter lengths worn close to the neck would give focus to the throat and throat chakra, longer lengths do not necessarily give any greater focus to the heart chakra, but work throughout the body. We offer a few standard lengths, but others can be custom ordered.

Our White Beryl/Turquoise necklaces all come with a button clasp. This allows you to use the necklace on a therapy wand to apply in the aura.

All Turquoise we use originated at the now closed Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona.

Our therapeutic gemstone bracelets are made with the same therapeutic-quality* gems as our necklaces and earrings. Designs are based on our necklaces and offer the same benefits.

Bracelet comes with a wood button clasp unless special ordered otherwise.

Use an extender to add the length required to wear around your ankle.

Bracelet Availability
Our standard bracelet lengths are 7.25 and 8 inches (about 18.5 – 20 cm). Because of the variation of individuals’ wrist sizes, we gladly accept special orders. Bracelets can be made based on any of our necklace designs. To calculate your bracelet size, measure the exact circumference of your wrist. We will make your bracelet a little longer to fit. Your bracelet may stretch slightly with wear.

For inquiries regarding custom bracelets, please contact us. Call 877-4GEM-GEM (877-443-6436) or email CustomerService@GEMFormulas.com.

*Therapeutic-quality gemstones are authentic gemstones at the top of their class in color, clarity, brightness, and cut. Quality parameters vary for each individual gemstone, and we carefully select every bead to make sure you get the very best.

Bracelet Care
Cleanse your GEMFormulas’ bracelets as you would our necklaces, using the GEMFormulas’ Clearing Sprays . They should be cleansed daily.

Store bracelets with the clasp open, and spiraled if possible. Keep them with your gemstone necklaces or draped on a bracelet tree.

Bracelets made of the softer gems like Blue-green Fluorite (Living River), Rhodocrosite (Loving Me), and Apatite (Core Four) require extra care. These gems can break or scratch easily so avoid wearing them when they might knock against desks or countertops.

GEMFormulas bracelets can be used in a variety of ways besides wearing them around your wrist. They can be placed on the body as a poultice, used instead of necklaces in Gemstone Therapy procedures including self-therapies, and wrapped around a therapy wand to be applied in the aura.

You can wear a bracelet on the left or right wrist, and switch between sides as you wish. Wear as many bracelets as your body calls for. We used to suggest limiting the number to three, until we learned that some people require complex combinations of gemstone bracelets and necklaces to meet their particular needs.

Do you love bracelets? Try wrapping your gemstone necklaces around your wrist, for a multi-layered effect. You may need an extender to make them fit.

Bracelets are safe to wear when you sleep. While falling asleep, you can place the palm of the hand that has the bracelet around it over an area you want to work on. The gemstones will continue to support it for as long as your hand remains in that position.

Applying gemstones in the aura is an important part of Gemstone Therapy. Common gemstone therapy movements can easily be replicated with a bracelet on the wrist, simply by moving your arm in circles or in other ways.

I met the Guardian of Beryl when I did the research on White Beryl for Gemisphere—a company that specializes in therapeutic-quality jewelry based on my inner research. Most of the information about the new gemstones that I obtained for Gemisphere came from interviews that I had with a doctor of gemstone medicine. He lives and works in one of the earth’s spiritual cities and was assigned to help me with the projects Gemisphere had given me to do. So if you notice a difference in the style, depth, and type of information shared about the “new gemstones” versus Gemisphere’s original 30 gemstones, now you know why. The information about the original 30 came directly from the gemstone guardians. The information about the new gemstones was given by a physician who uses the gems extensively in his practice.

Still I always liked to connect with a gemstone guardian at least on the sidelines for a better personal understanding of the gemstone’s energy.

For this Gemisphere project, we noted and wrote about the possible side effects of wearing a plain White Beryl necklace, but at the time I was unaware of the symbiotic gemstones that we could use to alleviate them. I’m grateful that information was kept back and shared with me now, so that I have something unique to offer.

This is one example of how the Gemstone Energy Medicine Council and the gemstone guardians know and see the bigger picture and feed me portions of it in perfect order.

Here’s another amazing example of this process. First we learned about using buttons to clasp the necklaces. Then we learned of the White Beryl wand therapy using therapy strands (8” strands of White Beryl), but I was using beeswax to mount the strands on the wand. Next I was shown how to make the wands using wood beads, which was much more practical than using beeswax. And when the White Beryl necklaces came back from the stringer, I was amazed how these too fit perfectly into the wand to make an ideal therapy tool for those who wanted use their necklace in that way.

Everything I learn seems to come in a perfect order.


I had first become aware of the energetic-sponge property of Turquoise many years ago when we placed a piece of Turquoise on an area of disharmony on the physical body. It quickly mopped up the unwanted energy. Back then we didn’t have the sprays as we do now, and so removing the collected energy from the Turquoise was problematic. So we put it aside.

My new understanding of Turquoise began years later when I saw someone on stage wearing a large Chinese Turquoise necklace. I knew the beads were stabilized, but how white and bright and clear her aura was, especially immediately around the Turquoise. Yes it was largely due to her well-nurtured spirituality, but I believe it was also due to the unmistakable clearing effect of the Turquoise that she was wearing.

I then realized that, although stabilizing the Turquoise inhibited it physically, it did not limit the Turquoise’s beneficial energetic effects, particularly in the aura.

There is some parallel here to Onyx. Onyx is dyed to bring down its vibrations, making it useful as a therapeutic tool in the physical plane. And Turquoise is stabilized to collect its physical nature and make it possible to use as a therapeutic tool in spherical form. Otherwise the mineral Turquoise is so soft, it just crumbles when you try to make it into a sphere and drill it.

Some stabilization methods inhibit more than others. I have seen some Turquoise that is so stabilized, it looks and feels like plastic. However the quality of Turquoise that I have found shines brightly. When it is combined with the White Beryl, it’s a special match, even otherworldly in its influence.


I wish I could share some wonderful experience about how I realized that Turquoise was supportive of White Beryl. White Beryl enhances so many other gemstones. Which one could possibly return the favor to White Beryl? I don’t remember the exact circumstances surrounding my realization of Turquoise, but once it came to mind, it felt like I’d known it forever.

Both gems uplift, but White Beryl begins its work physically and Turquoise begins its work supraphysically. Because Turquoise is stabilized, it is ineffective physically, which means it will not interfere with White Beryl’s benefits.

Both gems reach into the aura to expand their purifying, uplifting influence, and easily ride upon each other’s currents. White Beryl uplifts by purifying vibrations and Turquoise uplifts by absorbing lowest vibrations. So the pair made perfect sense.

This is how the design came into being. I knew the symbiotic gem would be Turquoise, but I didn’t know the size. I didn’t know the sequence, or the design, or how many would be required. I was sitting at my desk and had a White Beryl strand in front of me. I had pulled out 6-mm and 4-mm Turquoise.

Originally I had thought that the necklace might need both sizes. But when I placed the gems together I could tell that the 6 mm was too big, even if it was flanked by 4 mm. So now it was just 4-mm Turquoise and the White Beryl. I took a few beads off of the strand.

Moments later, I felt the presence of White Beryl Guardian standing behind my right shoulder.

I put a Turquoise in the front of the White Beryl necklace and knew immediately it wasn’t right. Telepathically, the guardian concurred.

I put one on the corners where we would put White Beryl when we were using it to support Carnelian, Citrine, Indigo, or Amethyst. That didn’t feel right either. So I said inwardly, “What’s left?” I was stumped and couldn’t imagine where else we could put the Turquoise.

He said, “You are not out of options.”

I tried putting 6 Turquoise spaced equidistantly around the necklace, and that didn’t feel right at all. I tried the same using 4 and then 3 Turquoise, but that didn’t work either. I also tried placing the Turquoise every inch or so around the necklace, but that turned out wrong too.

He said, “You are still not out of options.”

He asked me to imagine the necklace complete, as though I was wearing it. What would this necklace feel like? When I did that, it became clear that the front of the necklace had no Turquoise. It was just White Beryl. It was the white light shining though the whole front of my body, unimpeded by anything.

I realized the Turquoise must be toward the back. I think Turquoise and White Beryl is a beautiful combination, and I was reluctant to put the Turquoise in the back where it couldn’t be seen. I quickly reminded myself that therapeutic gemstone necklaces are not jewelry. They are therapy tools. If a combination works therapeutically, it is bound to be beautiful too. But not all beautiful gemstone combinations have a healing focus.

I placed one gem on each side of the clasp, and that didn’t feel right. I moved the Turquoise away from the clasp, separating it with some White Beryl. That seemed to work, but just one on each side wasn’t enough. So my next logical step was to put two Turquoise on each side, and that was when the design was born. Three Turquoise was too much and one wasn’t enough. Two on each side was perfect.


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